Community Service O2O: The Next 20 Years of Gold Mines?

Community Service O2O: The Next 20 Years of Gold Mines?

"The future is the development of silver for 20 years, and it is also the service of silver for 20 years." Ouyang Jie, senior vice president of Newtown Holdings, made a report entitled "Silver 20 Years before Community Service O2O Winds Up", followed by new gulls entering the market. Li Zhanhong, vice president of Peng Group, used two "oppositions" to bombard Ouyang Jie's viewpoint.

This rare world explosion scene appeared at the “4th Annual Conference on Chinese Value Real Estate”, which shows that the industry’s disagreement over the community service O2O.

Most developers have made it clear that the owner is the largest resource for real estate companies, but the question is how much money can be made? How much to invest in the early stage? What methods should be used to instigate the possible opportunities in this part of the market?

In this regard, most developers have no bottom in mind, but instead of using real estate sales as a major source of income, it is probably impossible to complete the task.

Property management platform utilization needs to be improved

The reason why Li Zhanhong opposes Ouyang Jie’s point of view is because “in his report, he advises everyone not to do real estate, and to do O2O. In reality, in the non-monopoly industries, real estate is one of the best industries.”

From the actual situation, the current operation of the community service O2O is very difficult to see profitability in the short term. A real problem is that this model needs to be charged through management, and management is exactly the weakness of the developer.

Currently, only a few real estate companies such as Vanke have their own professional property management team, and most developers cannot do it. Even a professional property management company has a series of difficulties if it wants to enter property management areas developed by other developers. One of them is that according to the current legal regulations, most residential property management contracts are only signed for 3 years. Once the owners' satisfaction is not high in these 3 years, the property management company is at risk of being “fired”.

This means that the O2O channels that are making great efforts to cultivate through property management services may be easily acquired by other property management companies because the basic property management work is not done well.

On the other hand, the current utilization rate of the platform for community services needs to be improved. Due to the relatively single function of community services, many owners have a low utilization rate of community service platforms, which also affects the value of community services.

At the same time, mobile-based community services still have a difficult problem to solve—the “education” audience. There are old people in the community, residents with mixed education levels, and cleaners and babysitters. Many people will not use the App. Cai Life’s approach is to provide residents with real benefits, benefit guidance, use of points, and management fees to attract residents to use App and play games.

In this regard, Tang Xuebin, president of Color Life Services Group, said in an interview with the reporter of the “Daily Economic News” that in the future, it will need to increase the value-added services to attract the owner’s utilization of the community service platform, thereby enhancing service value.

In addition, when community service O2O negotiates e-commerce revenue sharing or channel fees with suppliers, it may also be difficult to enjoy higher share due to the limited size of the community that the company manages and develops.

Excavating the value of real estate big data

Although the short-term profitability of community service O2O is very difficult, but few developers are willing to give up the possibility of testing the water community service O2O, there is only one reason, that is, business opportunities in this area is too tempting.

At this annual meeting of value real estate, there are quite a number of financial institutions that are attracted by the vision of community service O2O.

Gao Changjing, general manager of the Blu-ray Real Estate Product Planning Center, said that taking Facebook as an example, people couldn’t see at first how useful a website was to publish where they were eating and what to say, but the market gave very positive feedback. The situation is similar. A large number of customers, the value of which is even more valuable than the mother, big data is indeed a "gold mine."

When Blu-ray was the "living home," the goal set for himself was "Don't think about making money next year." The company believes that at present, in the more expensive prices of flour, bread and bakeries, if you do not want anything other than bread when you are making bread, you will quickly lose out. Blu-ray's current thinking is that after selling bread, customers can often come to buy water. In addition, we need to build a platform for different customers.

Blu-ray focuses on the people's livelihood, all of which are small units below 90 square meters. For those rooms with only 6 square meters, the combination of home improvement will enhance the space effect. This program is free to customers and supports the industry. In addition to cooperation with third parties, the parties have reasonable interests to settle and create benefits beyond the product.

Zhuangnuo, chief operating officer of Pingyao Haofang, said that when making a good room, he deeply realized that the network was a virtual space and services could not drop from the sky. If such services do not cooperate with developers and do not come in contact with real home buyers, even the best ideas are difficult to achieve. The combination of the Internet and real estate in the future needs to tap value from housing-related data.

Jorno thinks that the most easy way to extract the value of real estate big data is to combine it with finance. Ping An Haofang has recently pushed a new product in the Internet finance industry. In addition to solving an ordinary white-collar investment of 1,000 or 10,000 yuan, the Internet finance has benefited 30% for three months, and there are better solutions. Ping An Haofang is now making a mortgage receivables, the owners of the purchase of the contract to the safe room, safe and good room first to the owners to do a "mortgage bridge" to solve the developer's problem.

The community’s financial products must be in close contact with home buyers, and cooperation with developers is only possible to find value. Community banks have been very sophisticated overseas and have more mature models. In China, some banks have tried to open community banks and "financial convenience stores." Since the housing prices vary from one district to another, there is a clear distinction, and banks can use this to give residents different credit facilities.

The powerful "threater" of the Internet

“We definitely don’t compete with JD. But if we give buns a platform and we can’t sell the buns today, we’ll be able to push some news immediately to the residents. This is what Jingdong can’t do, but we can, we are These distance and time-limited businesses are used as a supply for the community to connect supply and demand and form a new business model, said Tang Xuebin.

Compared with the Internet, the biggest advantage of the community is that it is directly close to the owners and can establish a close and trusting relationship with the owners. This is exactly what many shopping platforms can't do.

Zhuang Nuo said that the U.S. Internet is the most developed but not Taobao, because the cost of logistics in the United States is too high and the two families are far apart. The community is intensive in China, and more value can be found in the Chinese community.

Mobile internet requires developers to build a new business form. Only the offline experience mode has value for community service. If there is no such offline experience place, the online will not be established. When constructing a business district, the products and functional objects of the traditional industries are truly opened to achieve mutual win-win results.

For real estate companies, digging the resources of the existing owners of various companies to fully solve the immediate sales pressure is also very helpful.

Ouyang Jie told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, Xincheng Holdings has more than 30% of customer resources is the old owners to bring new owners to buy a house, with the owners of these households in the structure of the population changes, there will still be the need to replace the purchase of the future.

Similarly, Zhu Yu, vice president of Xuhui Group, also stated that he will pay close attention to the latest changes in this area and actively carry out excavation and utilization of owner data.

Chen Zhongyue, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Haikejian Group, said that he hopes that big data will be better developed in the real estate industry. The Chinese real estate industry began to develop in the late 1990s and has accumulated so far. In the past, real estate development could not share data. In the future, if we can achieve data sharing under the guidance of the state, we can create more value.

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