Ding Rui: Saudi Arabia's basic innovation engineering plastics highlight

On the afternoon of July 8, “2014 China LED Lighting Supply Chain Good Product Tour Seminar--Shenzhen Station” was held in the International Ballroom on the 4th floor of Shenzhen Qian'an International Hotel. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, analyzed at the meeting: “The global high-end and low-end LED lighting market has a clear-cut phenomenon, and most of the lighting products will be OEM or ODM by Chinese enterprises.”

Dr. Shao Pengrui, Technical Director of Jingtai Co., Ltd., Xu Chonggao, Quality Manager of Xuyu Optoelectronics, Li Zhaohua, Deputy General Manager of Mingwei Electronics, Ding Rui, Saudi Basic Application Development Manager, Jane Yucang, General Manager of Confucian Electronics, and Lu Guoming, General Manager of Tengsheng Control Glue Excellent corporate guests in all aspects of the lighting supply chain gave keynote speeches on issues related to all aspects of the supply chain.

Innovation is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. It is understood that the Saudi foundation is the world leader in blow molding technology, and can guarantee 96.5% light reflectance in the thinness of 0.3 mm, which is one of the most favorable factors in LED lighting design products. Recently, Saudi Basic Innovative Plastics has launched a new innovative plastics such as specialty resins.

Ding Rui, Saudi Basic Application Development Manager, analyzed the application and development prospects of innovative engineering plastics in the LED industry. According to reports, Lexan flame retardant polycarbonate resin provides excellent light transmission and good light diffusion, suitable for LED optical applications. At the same time, Lexan flame retardant resins have higher thermal properties than standard polycarbonates. Because it does not use any bromination or chlorination additives, it has good flame retardancy and is more in line with UL certification standards.

Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Power Cable is kind of cable, in which the rare earth high iron aluminum alloy is used as conductor, flame-retardant organosilane cross-linked polyethylene is used as insulation and the self-locking armored structure is installed, has completely independent intellectual property rights and removed the defects of aluminum cable systematically. The environment-oriented insulation materials with low smoke, free halogen and being fire-retardant have greatly reduced risk of being on fire. This cable can installed in moist environment. The cables boasts large current carrying capacity and convenient and low cost installation and maintenance.


Standard: GA306                        Jacket: PVC

Conductor: aluminum alloy              Cores: single core or multicore

Insulation: XLPE/PVC                    Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV

 Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Power Cable


  • Conductor fatigue resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to bend
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long life span
  • Flame retardant
  • Fire resistant
  • Zero halogen & low smoke
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • Decent mechanical strength
  • Chemical & acid resistance
  • Excellent elasticity and stickiness
  • Superior economic performance
  • ...

 self-locking armored structure


  • Lighting
  • Public amenities such as theatres, cinemas
  • High rising buildings
  • Public buildings such as libraries, museum, schools and hospitals
  • Family residence
  • Household appliances
  • Electrical equipment
  • Power console
  • Automotive industry
  • Government buildings
  • Power transmission and distribution lines
  • And many more...

 cross-linked polyethylene power cables

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Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Cable

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