Electronic fences in the power sector are "better"

Electronic fences in the power sector are "better"

The electronic fence is an intelligent perimeter defense system composed of a pulse generator (host) and a front-end fence, and related control equipment. After years of evolving and improving electronic fences for modern public safety, it has become a new type of mature perimeter alarm product. It has changed the traditional mode of simple post-warning in the former perimeter protection and emphasized the obstruction (visible fence). , to create intrusion barriers) mainly, alarm (acoustic and optical alarms and linkage with other security systems), supplemented by deterrence (reducing the desire to commit crimes), a new concept of perimeter security. Compared with infrared radiation, it has several advantages such as lower false alarm rate, stronger deterrence, and stronger active protection. The most important thing is that it is easy to implement anti-theft alarm and monitoring system linkage. These major advantages are conducive to the application of electronic fences in this important area of ​​power.

From this point of view, electronic fences are more advanced products than infrared radiation and are more in line with the protection needs of power plants and unattended substations. From the point of view of security personnel, what problems exist in the electronic fence that restricts its application in the power system?

The high cost to some extent hinders the popularity of electronic fences. Mr. Liu Dongming, the marketing manager of the U.S. Bell Power Marketing Center, once mentioned that the capital investment in monitoring systems is fixed. In fact, this point is also in line with the market conditions of electronic fences, but the cost of electronic fences is higher than that of infrared ones. The popularity of first and second tier cities is just around the corner. However, many substations are located in remote areas. Although the substations have government subsidies, the characteristics of the products have reduced the business opportunities of e-fence companies to some extent. The current situation of electronic fences can be said to be mature perimeter alarm products. Therefore, the usage cycle is long. If the market demand is saturated, there will be less business opportunities for electronic fence supply companies. From this perspective, The e-fence market is probably a seller's happy seller.

Government enforcement will speed up marketing. After Shanghai's "Document No. 12" was issued, the electronic fence was widely used in the Shanghai community under the "mandatory" requirement. Although the application of electric power is not a compulsory target, the installation of electric fences in the electric power field can also be considered as Standard. The successful application of electronic fences in Shanghai will speed up its promotion in the power system. However, if there is a negative case, it will also affect its promotion. The market needs all manufacturers to cultivate together.

Electronic fences serve as a protective barrier in the electric power field. Protecting facilities also protects our normal lives and social stability. Due to the technical advantages and application prospects of electronic fences in the electric power field, there is bound to be ample room for development when there is no newer anti-theft alarm technology.

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