Overview of methods for choosing full-color LED display

As the LED industry technology matures, LED products are now everywhere. Among them, high-definition full-color LED display is widely used in advertising outside shopping malls, indoor and outdoor sports arenas, passenger information system display in airports and high-speed rail, etc., and is widely favored by the public. The demand for LED displays has soared, and various manufacturers are competing for sales, resulting in uneven quality and prices of LED displays on the market, and the great distance between them makes purchasers at a loss. How to choose a full-color LED display?

1. Picture quality of full-color LED display

One of the important qualities of a high-quality full-color LED display is the consistency of the brightness and wavelength of each color in each pixel unit. According to the principle of optical three primary colors, the real-time state of each pixel from the video signal source is composed of three signals of red, green, and blue, which are processed by the system and passed to the corresponding pixel unit on the LED display screen, respectively driving The color light-emitting diodes realize the mapping of the video source signal on the LED display. Then through the interlaced scanning to progressive scanning conversion, to ensure the clarity of static pictures and moving pictures, to remove the flickering phenomenon of moving pictures.

The high-quality full-color LED display can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the visual characteristics of the human eye under different ambient brightness conditions, and the color temperature of the display can also automatically change to make the human eye comfortable and decent.

Second, the stability of the full-color LED display

The stability of the full-color LED display depends on factors such as wind resistance, feng shui, shock resistance, and lightning protection. Many manufacturers on the market often ignore these links, and the full-color screens they provide can't stand the wind and rain. Soon after they are put into use, they will fail. Shanghai Sansi always pays attention to the guarantee of these links. Take the high-definition full-color LED display on the "Captain No. 6" of the Huangpu River. After years of wind and sun, rain erosion, and the hull vibration test, it has been intact and has become the Bund landscape. A great view in the.

3. Lifetime of full-color LED display

The service life of LED display is another performance index that most users care about most. Maintaining the overall brightness uniformity and color consistency of the screen is the real standard for measuring the actual life of the LED display. Most of the LED display screens have become extremely poor in color consistency long before the brightness is reduced to half. For this reason, it is recommended that when users buy a large LED screen brand, it is best to actually check the visual effects of similar products of the brand after several years of use, and have a correct judgment on the durability of such products.


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