The standard of the router or the smart home control center is not uniform

The router or the smart home control center is not uniform.

Since the Wang Chuyun team began to transform the router in 2011, a new generation of intelligent routers with open source platforms and third-party application plug-ins as the core concept has continually stirred the investment market and fever geeks.

Since 2013, smart routers such as Xiaomi Routing, 360 Router, Xiaodu Routing, Huawei Glory Cube, and Ali Tianmao Magic Bar have appeared on the scene. In 2014, the smart router market added new recruits. For example, Ziguang shares into the router industry, and its subsidiary Ziguang Zhuoyun released the Ziguang Mywifi router. Haier also announced that it has joined the smart router market.

So many smart routers in the domestic market, what is the difference between them? Where are the opportunities for new entrants? Where will the future smart routers develop? Jin Leili, general manager of Ziguang Zhuoyun, recently accepted an interview with Tencent Technology and talked about his views.

Jin Leili believes that smart routers will play a very important role in the future. For example, smart phones will have WiFi on the light bulbs, and smart routers will become the signal control center in the entire smart home. Smart routers can also help with attendance.

Although the purple light Mywifi released by Ziguang Zhuoyun is the latecomer of the smart router market, in Jin Leili's view, the entire intelligent router is still in the early stage of development, the standard of smart home is still not uniform, and the entry point of the intelligent router is Not over, Ziguang Zhuoyun's purple Mywifi still has a great chance.

Built-in app store claims stronger stability

Ziguang Mywifi is a new recruit in the smart router market. In comparison, it is at least one year late with the polar routing, Xiaomi routing, and 360 routers on the market. Ziguang Zhuoyun was also established when Ziguang was to be a cloud strategy in 2013.

Talking about these routers on the market, Jin Leili pointed out that each family is very different. For example, the polar router has been using OpenWrt's operating system. The underlying architecture is an operating system that can be found online. Ziguang Zhuoyun has also tried to use it. OpenWrt system, but OpenWrt system has problems with stability and security, and subsequent continuity is limited.

Ziguang Mywifi adopts Broadcom's native operating system. It does not change the system, but adds cloud shell, which is more stable. Its “green signal adjustment” can automatically adjust the router signal size according to the distance between the device and the router. Ziguang Mywifi has an application store built in, which can directly download and update software, as well as temporary visitor functions, so that friends do not have to enter a password to access the Internet.

Another notable feature of Ziguang Mywifi is that it has made a large number of targeted customization development for enterprise users in the enterprise-level user market, such as Ziguang Mywifi. For example, Wifi attendance function, users can automatically achieve attendance records within the Wifi range, and the boss can always check whether the employee is in the company and when to leave.

Ziguang Mywifi also has enterprise-level functions such as VPN server and Wifi storage. Ziguang Mywifi also has a special indoor positioning function. Jin Leili claims that its precision reaches 5 meters, which is a function required by the shopping mall and the map industry.

Relatively speaking, Tsinghua Unisplendour has a good technical accumulation, but also a long time research and development, but compared to the extreme routing, millet routing, 360 router, the biggest shortcoming of Ziguang Mywifi is lack of marketing. Jin Leili sighed straight: the wine is also afraid of the deep alley.

Jin Leili said that most of Ziguang Zhuoyun is a technology research and development personnel, unlike the polar routing, Xiaomi routing, 360 router products have not yet launched, has been the first to win, and has begun pre-sale on the Internet, Ziguang Mywifi also needs Internet thinking.

Standards do not unify the router to gain entry strategic position

In the past years, routers have been in a quiet corner and are not valued by people. But when routers are strategically placed as smart homes, when they are full of imagination, it is inevitable that companies will occupy the card slot of the future home network.

However, in Jin Leili's view, whether it is Ziguang Mywifi, polar routing or Xiaomi router, the applications are not the same, and they are not competitive with each other. The real opponent is the traditional router. Various smart router vendors are cultivating the market together. The real thing for each family is to develop some applications that cut the pain points of users and solve the real needs of users.

Jin Leili believes that for Ziguang Mywifi, the temporary lack of Internet thinking is not fatal. What is really important is that it will take advantage of Tsinghua Unisplendour's cloud terminal and cloud service to win its own world.

This view is not difficult to understand. Although the smart router market is very hot, it accounts for a small proportion of the entire home router market. A large number of users are still using non-intelligent routers provided by traditional vendors such as tp-link.

The strategic position of intelligent routers as a smart home portal has not been finalized. Jin Leili said that in the future smart home life, all electrical controls will have WiFi modules, and the cost of WiFi modules will be lower and lower. In the smart home life, the mobile phone is the control center, and the WiFi is the signal center. The signal is sent out through the WiFi router to realize the interconnection with the smart home.

However, the smart home industry standards need to be integrated. There are various standards in the whole industry. For example, Xiaomi has its own smart home standard. Haier also has its own smart home standard. At present, there are only four or five sets of standards in China.

The problem caused by the inconsistency of standards is that, as Xiaomi occupies a highland through his own standards, he may follow the millet as a light bulb, but the power switch does not follow Xiaomi. Xiaomi still cannot complete the overall unification of the smart home experience.

Jin Leili said that the unification of smart home industry standards will take at least three to five years, which will be a relatively long time window, giving Ziguang Mywifi, polar routing, Xiaomi routing, 360 router opportunities, and ultimately who is dead. .

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