Effective "photoelectric" technical parameters of LED light source

We can use a variety of schemes to carry out effective spectral separation according to the actual situation. It can be automatically binned by professional high-power LED splitting and separating machine. It has high efficiency and fast speed. It can separate the color separation of each LED. The quality is controlled and binned by a large number of artificial cooperation from voltage measurement to leakage current to luminous flux to spectral multi-channel process.

1. Luminous flux binning: Luminous flux value is an indicator that LED users are very concerned about. LED application customers must know the range of LED luminous flux they use, so as to ensure the uniformity and consistency of their product brightness.

2. Reverse leakage current test: The reverse leakage current is lower than the required value when loading a certain voltage. In the production process, the LED reverse leakage current is too high due to static electricity, chip quality and other factors, which will be applied to the LED. The product has a great hidden danger, and it is easy to cause LED dead lights after using for a period of time.

3. Forward voltage test: The range of forward voltage needs to be within the allowable range of circuit design. Many customers design to drive the LED to illuminate in a voltage mode. The magnitude of the forward voltage directly affects the change of the overall parameters of the circuit. Will bring hidden dangers to product quality. In addition, for some products that require power consumption of the circuit, it is desirable to ensure that the forward voltage is as low as possible under the same luminous efficiency.

4. Relative color temperature binning: For white LED color temperature is a parameter used to characterize its color industry. This parameter can directly show whether the LED color is warmer or colder or more white.

5. The chromaticity coordinates x, y bin: For white light or monochromatic light, the chromaticity parameter can be used to express which color region the LED is in. Generally, four points x, y are required to determine a chromaticity area. A certain test must be used to ensure that the LED is within the required four-point x, y chromaticity area.

6. Main wavelength binning: For monochromatic LEDs, the dominant wavelength is an important indicator to measure its color parameters. The dominant wavelength directly reflects the human eye's visual perception of the LED light.

7. Color rendering index binning: The color rendering index directly turns off the degree of discoloration of the object on the object when the light is irradiated onto the object. This parameter is very important for the LED lighting product.

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