iCloud vulnerability highlights!

iCloud vulnerability highlights!

Apple's equipment products have always given people a safe and reliable impression. However, according to foreign media reports recently, more and more Apple users in Australia have reported to the Apple support community that their Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac computers) have been hacked and locked remotely. And the device asks for ransom unlock information.

The iCloud security vulnerabilities are serious. Apple devices have been hacked remotely. Apple supports community members, likeitylikestea. When he uses the iPad, suddenly the device locks himself. When he checks the phone, he finds a message that the device has been compromised by Oleg Pliss. If you want to retrieve your phone, you have to pay a ransom of $100/100 Euro. Another community member, Sei_L, also reported the similar account was lost by Oleg Pliss and was asked for a ransom.

All equipment is not immune to IT security expert Troy Hunt pointed out that the problem is likely related to the recent iCloud security vulnerabilities, hackers may use the recent iCloud security vulnerabilities to log in and lock the account. Accounts that are hacked are mostly accounts that do not use double authentication and encryption. It is recommended that users who only use single-password encryption start this function as soon as possible.

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