Sakura gas water heaters like it!

Sakura gas water heaters like it!

At home, a brand of water heater has been used. When you use it, you have to look at it. The mood is good for you to wash it more. If you are in a bad mood, it's the hot pig or the rhythm of a frozen dog. I don’t even have a temper. Occasionally seen in the TV commercials, the gas water heaters of Cherry Blossom Kitchen seem to be quite tall, and they immediately went to the local Gome to buy one. The advertisment of the cherry blossoms is still very real, especially the last man took a shower. "Ha" sounded, that feeling really cool. Here are some of my specific feelings.

First come to the appearance of two tall bars, what texture I do not need to say more, a word like! I fell in love with it at a glance.

Sakura gas water heater

Next I talk about the specific use and operating experience, I especially like her control panel, clear display, sensitive keys, more intelligent; temperature settings are more humane, three bathing modes: energy saving, enjoy bath, efficient , The three modes have default temperature, respectively 36 °C, 43 °C, 50 °C, you can also free to adjust, one thing I think is very good use, after the shutdown she still remember the temperature set before, every time as long as the switch The machine is just fine. If you are worried about the standby power, you can simply pull the plug on the line. The next time you use the direct plug, it feels very convenient.

When you use it, the temperature rises very quickly. After 20 seconds, the setting temperature is reached. When you take a bath, the temperature will no longer be hot or cold or the flame is turned off. Your mother will not have to worry about my bathing. Haha ~ ~ really is to give the cherry water heater a praise! !

Cherry's "Permanent Free Security Check" Service Commitment Guarantees Consumers' Safety

In 1986, Sakura launched the “Permanent Free Security Check” for water heaters. From June to August every year, Sakura will start this activity in the country. During the period, you only need to go to the Sakura Sales Network to collect the “Free Security Check Card” and return it to the Sakura Company or log in to Sakura's official website for registration. The cherry blossom professional security personnel will make an appointment to come to the site to fully protect the electric water heater or gas water heater. Inspection, more importantly, professional service personnel will also guide the correct use of water heaters, safer and more comfortable.

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