Dajin Dongfang Lighting Yixin main controlling shareholder premium transfer of 29% equity

Dajin Dongfang Lighting announced that it holds 32.76% of the chairman and controlling shareholder Yang Kaishan, and implemented the transfer of 128 million shares to the independent third party Chen Jing, accounting for 29% of the share capital, with a total consideration of 178 million yuan, and the price per share is about 1.392 yuan. The premium before the suspension was 39.2%. Prior to Completion, Yang will sell the remaining 16.6376 million shares to an independent third party by way of placing, and the Placing Price is not higher than 1.392 yuan.

The transaction should be noted that Yang Kaishan will allocate the remaining 16.633 million shares to a third party. If Chen Jing only purchases 29% of the shares, it is not necessary to make a full acquisition to the minority shareholders below 30%. In addition, Dajin’s new owner’s information is only known to Chinese residents and businessmen.

Dajin Oriental shares resumed trading today, and the stock price rose 13% to 1.13 yuan during the pre-market auction period.

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