Mitsubishi will push the bright LED light source DLP re…

Home > Market New Products > Mitsubishi will push high-bright LED light source DLP rear-projection wall Mitsubishi will push high-bright LED light source DLP rear projection wall 2012-03-05 10:20 [Edit: yangzhaowu] Since the launch of the LED light source DLP movement, it has revolutionized ...more

First trial run of 220 kV cross-linked submarine cable

The national science and technology support plan key projects and the first trial report of the first 220 kV photoelectric composite cross-linked cable have been reviewed by experts. The 220 kV submarine cable called the Lanzhou 1936 line has been running smoothly since November 2010. It ...more

A review of the application of micro-nano optics in LED…

introduction Since the introduction of GaN blue LEDs in 1991, GaN-based LEDs have grown rapidly in recent years. At present, high-efficiency GaN-based LEDs have been widely used in full-color displays, solid-state lighting, and liquid crystal display backlights. LEDs have a fast ...more

The latest iPad is scheduled to tight iPad2 price $100

March 12 news, according to foreign media reports, those who want to book Apple's latest iPad to avoid buying during the peak period of the development of consumer groups, if the booking in the Apple retail store, then still need to wait patiently for some time Only get the latest iPad ...more

Mitsubishi Electric will launch 75 series LED light sou…

Mitsubishi Electric, the world-class leader in the large-screen splicing industry, will continue to introduce the 75-series new generation of LED light source engine splicing wall products after launching the LED light source engine splicing wall products in 2010. Mitsubishi Electric revealed that ...more

IoT sensor application is still in its infancy

With the issuance of the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Internet of Things” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the application of the Internet of Things in petrochemicals, intelligent transportation, smart medical care, digital agriculture, ...more

2011 Xinyu Photovoltaic Industry Development Keyword An…

In 2011, the global photovoltaic industry experienced a very difficult year. In the face of market shocks, the majority of photovoltaic companies in our city rely on the continuous enhancement of their own scale and strength, relying on the strong support of the government and all levels o ...more