Ericsson cooperates with Orange to let 5G shine into re…

Based on Orange's network and Ericsson's 5G technology, both parties are developing test-specific 5G use cases. Technical components, proof of concept and pilots across Europe will allow Orange to experience 5G business and functionality from 2017 Ericsson and Orange ...more

Ali's IoT core yunos chooses HP incoming notebook

Based on the past observations and the new trends of the Yunqi Conference, this paper attempts to deeply interpret the pattern and ambition of yunos as the power of scientific and technological innovation, and reveals the model of technological innovation variables driving ind ...more

No Wi-Fi can't live, but do you really know about W…

Wi-Fi is simply a vitamin for modern people. Hey, someone said: It is home that can automatically connect to Wi-Fi. But Wi-Fi is used every day, but there are not many people who really understand it. Don't get me wrong, I know that you won't be interested in high and hard ...more

Millet smart socket in the smart home era of the three …

Many of the scenarios described above need to rely on access to the cloud and stay online for 24 hours. You will be skeptical: if this is the case, whether the electricity bill will be consumed. As an intelligent life, not only intelligent but also economical in energy control. Therefore, it is nec ...more

Razer OSVR HDK2 lands in Asia Pacific for $399

Baidu VR original reproduced, reproduced please indicate the source Beijing time on October 3 news, Razer OSVR HDK2 has been rumors since the E3 exhibition has been released continuously, with the outside world speculation, Razer OSVR HDK2 official version has finally land ...more

GoPro Hero5 Black Experience: Competitive Sports Camera

Tencent Digital (Compile: Guti) released two years from the previous generation of flagship models, we finally ushered in a new generation of flagship sports camera Hero5 Black. Hero5 Black was unveiled with Hero5 Session and GoPro's first drone, Karma, and brought many ...more

Several Wi-Fi technical standards and application compa…

Whether it is a home or a business user, there are many options when looking for a wireless local area network (WLAN) solution. Many products support Wi-Fi technology standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. In addition, there are Bluetooth and various other non ...more