Precise positioning how to choose the TV that suits you…

Home Appliances China Information Network News: Although the current smart TV features rich and entertaining, but the needs of different groups of people are different, then when buying TV, the points of attention for TV product functions and prices will be different. So how do you choose the TV pro ...more

2015 Internet TV Box Ranking

Tate Box Webox The Taijie box, which is called the live artifact, is also accepted by many users for its live broadcast and video playback. This is because most current TV boxes have problems with Caton in terms of live streaming. In addition, Taijie’s main concept ...more

Inventory of various sensors used in smart home systems

With the development of technology, more and more sensors are used in smart home systems, such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, and the like. The sensor is the basis for the control of the smart home control system. With the development of tec ...more

Sitting sofa selection food, public comment TV applicat…

As we all know, the popular comment network uses the Internet, combined with the geographical location and the individualized consumer demand of users, and provides an interactive platform for users to provide business information, consumption preferences, and consumer eval ...more

The Precautions for Choosing Large-size TVs in the Year…

An incomplete research data is: In 2013, domestic LCD (including home TV and commercial display products), sales of 70-inch and above units only exceeded 30,000, but this figure was refreshed to more than 300,000 units in 2014. This fully shows that the market has a soft sp ...more

Smart TV performance is good, sofa butler knows

Since the emergence of smart phones, running software has been born. There are many popular running software on Android, such as the famous AnTutu, Lu Master from the PC to Android, and super rabbit, 3DMark, 360 optimization master and so on. Interestingly, many smart TVs a ...more

Step by step mergers and acquisitions wave of Maoshuo p…

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] In the context of China's economic growth slowdown, the LED industry channel war, price war, product war, brand war continues to intensify, in the first half of 2015, the industry mergers and acquisitions wave surge. In order to cope with the changes in the macro ...more