Samsung's 2014 OLED panel output increased to 33%

According to the latest news from the Korean media, Samsung will increase its output to OLED panels in 2014, accounting for 33% of the annual display panels. The monthly output in the fourth quarter of 2013 was 140,000, and the monthly output in the fourth quarter of 2014 is expected to reach 177,0 ...more

Principles and precautions for use of energy-saving tra…

Energy-saving transformers can reduce losses, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions, helping energy conservation and environmental protection. The principle of using energy-saving transformers: (1) Dry type transformers of type 10 and above are used in urban networks and where fire pr ...more

Design of PLC Control Water Treatment System

1 Introduction In life, we always produce a lot of sewage. With the increase of the amount of sewage, how to deal with it has become a problem that must be solved. At present, we generally use the activated sludge method for treatment, which is a secondary biological treatmen ...more

Rotating "visual persistence" LED screen syst…

1 Introduction Visual persistence (POV) is a visual short stay. When the human eye views an object, the image of the object will become on the retina. Photoreceptive cells on the retina convert light signals into bioelectrical signals that are transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. Howe ...more

Bedroom LED lighting selection Raiders

The bedroom is mainly a place for sleep and rest, sometimes restricted by living conditions, and used for work or friends and relatives. Bedroom lighting is mainly composed of general lighting and partial lighting. First, the general lighting of the bedroom The general lighting atm ...more

Customized mobile phone camera ISP solution, only for t…

With the high-profile Meizu MX3 announced that its mobile phone camera is equipped with a separate Fujitsu four-channel image signal processor (ISP), Fujitsu Semiconductor and its Milbeaut image signal processor products gradually move from behind the scenes to the front, for ...more

Three major telecommunications companies are striving t…

Prior to the official announcement of the "Broadband China" strategy and implementation plan on August 1, 2013, all three major Chinese telecom operators have successively launched or completed a new phase of passive optical fiber network (PON) equipment procurement ...more