LED drive usher in a new trend of intelligence

Last year, Snowden exposed the NSA's prism program, which made people worry about the future of high technology, but history also proves that people's pursuit of convenience is far greater than their own privacy concerns. For example, the street lights in the city automatically adjust to the best brightness as the day and night go; people control all the lights in the house through the smart phone; no need to WIFI environment, where there is light, you can go online; in the supermarket, quickly locate through indoor lighting The items that you want to buy... Life is facilitated by the realization of these intelligent technologies, and people are constantly exploring and advancing on the road of pursuing intelligence. It is an era of intelligence, driving the drive of intelligent products. Is control over the heat? "
With the Internet of Things Express, LED drivers are welcoming new trends in intelligence
In the 1990s, the United States proposed a "green lighting plan." Since then, countries around the world have promoted the concept of green lighting to a certain extent, and the concept of intelligent lighting has emerged. The intelligent lighting industry has been in a slow development due to the market's consumption awareness, market environment, product price, promotion and other aspects. However, with the promotion of LED products and the improvement of quality of life, it has gradually heated up in the past two years. Philips has been pushing Hue Led smart bulbs for the past two years. Hue Led's biggest selling point is that it can be customized: users can control the color of each bulb by installing the mobile app, and can also choose the reading mode. As the app is upgraded, users can even use photos from the device as a color palette.
With the development of the Internet of Things technology, LEDs as an alternative to lighting have been equipped with such intelligent high-speed trains to give full play to their high controllability. LED core drivers, Zigbee transmission, WiFi gateways and other intelligent core technologies continue to achieve breakthroughs and innovations. In the future, the output value of the LED intelligent market will be unlimited. Intelligentization has many advantages such as energy saving, safety, integration, expansion, ease of use, and light environment. It will play a huge role in many fields. At present, LED intelligence is more realized through power control.
Some experts in the industry pointed out that the intelligent lighting control system connects the dimming module, switching power, scene control panel, sensor and programmer, programming socket, pc monitoring machine and other independent control modules on the computer data line to form an independent lighting control system. It can realize intelligent management and automatic control of the lighting system, which is convenient for creating a comfortable lighting environment and is beneficial to people's health. It will become a new trend in the development of lighting technology in the future.
This trend is particularly prominent at this year's Frankfurt exhibition. International giants such as Philips, OSRAM, Samsung, and LG have all launched smart lighting signs. Looking around the country, more and more enterprises have begun to enter the field of intelligent lighting and invested a lot of energy in development. In the new century, LED network reporters have learned on the official website of some enterprises that drive power companies currently produce LED intelligent power supplies, among which There are a variety of intelligent control power supplies such as LPF series, NPF series, HLP series and LDH series with dimming. Infineon also produces several series of intelligent power supplies, such as intelligent conversion series, time-controlled adjustment series, and centralized control series... Mao Shuogui, brand manager of Maoshuo Power, said in an interview with the new century LED network reporter that Maoshuo Power is currently The production of LED intelligent drive control products include real control series, intelligent adjustable series, three-in-one current adjustable series and solar photovoltaic controllers, and intelligent drive products have accounted for more than 50% of the relevant business in the country.
Technology: limited dimming and color adjustment, intelligent "smart" deficiency
It is understood that the current LED drive power companies mainly have the following three problems: First, the overall life of the drive circuit, especially the critical device such as the life of the capacitor at high temperatures directly affects the life of the power supply; secondly, the LED driver should challenge higher conversion efficiency This is especially true when driving high-power LEDs , because all power that is not used as light output is dissipated as heat, and the power conversion efficiency is too low, which affects the energy-saving effect of LEDs. Third, the LED is dimmed with high dimming efficiency, and the color characteristics are guaranteed to be constant at high and low brightness. From the technical point of view, the biggest problem is that the convenience and humanization of the system are not enough, the function is simple, the domestic software system is not ideal, most of them can only be used as lamps, and the intelligent control is not done. Excellent, and at the current stage, the so-called intelligence of enterprises is limited to dimming and coloring.
There are four design problems when using the thyristor for LED dimming design, which are 100Hz stroboscopic, poor stability, load overheating, and different thyristor dimming working ranges. Only after the improved design of the above problems can the thyristor dimming technology be better adapted to the LED operating characteristics.
What is intelligent? Intelligent is a complete system concept, simple remote control, dimming, color adjustment, color temperature, not really "intelligent". The existing "intelligence" is just a gimmick and a concept, or just a small part of an intelligent system.
As the cost of LEDs continues to drop, in addition to cost-effectiveness, manufacturers are quick and convenient for intelligent dimming access. Whether it can be networked and intelligent, whether it has better stability, we need key needs in the future. Consider the issue. The basic requirement for the development of intelligent control is humanization, which enables people to operate easily and conveniently, and has a good user experience. At the same time, it is also required to be compatible with the traditional way. At present, in the entire lighting industry, various solutions are mixed and the quality is uneven, which makes many customers unable to distinguish their advantages and disadvantages, seriously affecting consumers' trust in intelligent control products. Today's smart devices are manufactured by a variety of companies, making it difficult to identify each other with the same set of standards, and users will never accept a light bulb software that installs and debugs themselves, and uses a variety of tools to manage each family. Kinds of smart devices are less likely to be accepted by users. In the process of LED popularization, the standard problem has always been a cliché, and in the process of LED intelligentization, the same is true. Some people in the industry say that the LED intelligent driver has not yet formed a scale, and I do not agree with this statement. At present, LED intelligent products have entered the civilian sector and have begun to take shape, but the market is rather messy, because everyone's standards are not uniform.
If each light bulb is equipped with a wireless communication device, it is very troublesome, on the one hand, it will face problems such as wireless signal interference and poor reception between the light bulbs; on the other hand, it will bring a huge workload of lighting commissioning. . If there is no unified and open wireless connection standard in the lighting industry, it may lead to product incompatibility, which will increase the investment risk of users and even seriously hinder the development speed of this market. There is no standard in the industry, and the country has not yet introduced relevant policies, which is also the key reason for the uneven lighting products. Once assembled, PC was a difficult business, and the hardware and software of smart phones have experienced a period of chaos. The same LED intelligent driver is now in this chaotic period. Once a shared standard and user-friendly interface appears, the product will begin to exude magic.
Popularization: The acceptance is not high, the sales are not in place, and the intelligence is still far from the "people-friendly"
The current intelligent lighting positioning is too high, it is difficult to meet the general consumer psychology, it is difficult to promote. At present, there are relatively few intelligent lighting control systems that are compatible with the lamps on the market and are inexpensive. The key to intelligent lighting control system is that it can achieve low cost. Intelligent lighting needs more promotion. Only when the use is universal, the price can be gradually reduced. However, for the moment, the popularity of LED intelligent lighting is not high. LED lighting is still in a less familiar stage, so the most direct way to buy is to look at the price. People do not understand LED smart products, which makes it difficult to operate. LED drive control intelligent domestically has not formed a large-scale, enterprises are in the diving stage. Because the intelligent lighting system is relatively complex, the correlation between the systems is large, and the probability of problems increases. The lack of after-sales service will seriously affect the customer's satisfaction with intelligent lighting products. The difficulty of intelligent technology is one of the reasons why it is difficult to get popular. The system of intelligent lighting is relatively complicated with the traditional lighting system, and the correlation between the systems is relatively large. When the system has problems, the whole effect is the whole. The operation of the system has made the after-sales service more difficult. Perhaps, in terms of promotion, smart lighting needs to create some intelligent experience exhibition halls to give customers an intuitive experience.
How will LED smart drivers go in the future?
If the emergence of smart lighting in the future will be a trend, then LED lighting companies should take the lead and improve the level of product intelligence to win the initiative in the competition. The most important thing about intelligent dimming is the cost performance. At present, China's intelligent dimming is still in the early stage of development, and the price/performance ratio is not high. However, LED manufacturers can not only pursue the advantages of price, but also pay attention to product quality. In the current market or in the basic stage, the company is doing product planning that it feels will form a wide range of applications. The final intellectual control agreement will not allow so many, at most 3-4. Small size, high efficiency, intelligence, low cost and ultra-convenience are the current demands of LED driver power supply development. In fact, the power driver is basically a few topologies, mainly to see who is more stable and reliable, the circuit is more concise, and the cost performance is better. Solving the heat dissipation of the LED driver circuit, achieving modularization, standardization and standardization is the future development direction. Compared with the wired control method, the most important challenge of the wireless dimming control technology is the unification of the prototype code standard. In this respect, whoever preempts the market of the wireless dimming control technology market will have the initiative to establish standards. . The bottom line of the price reduction of intelligent dimming is that it can be popularized only when it reaches civilian acceptance, and it is the purpose of achieving civilian use. Although the market has encountered various bottlenecks and has not yet ushered in a real outbreak, thanks to the advantages of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency, the prospect of intelligent lighting in the fields of home and office is promising. The key to promoting the outbreak of the intelligent lighting market is Price cost and customer experience.
In the LED replacement period, the drive control is considered to be the 'heart' of the LED. In the intelligent era, the driver also assumes the responsibility of the 'brain', and its significance to the LED product is more important. With the development of LED intelligence, Smart-driven companies will usher in another round of outbreaks. Intelligentization may be the second opportunity for companies that have failed to catch up with the tide of LED popularization. In this era, not following it seems to mean being abandoned, and companies are becoming less and less calm. But the LED market is not an early market to grab the market. The time of entry is not absolutely early or late. There are too many directions and thresholds in this industry, and there are too many seemingly enticing ways of success. In this heavy technology industry, all the premise should be based on solid technology.

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