Reddick estimates that June revenue and Q2 revenue growth is lower than expected

Recently, Radek said that although the recent energy-saving issues of LED lighting are gradually rampant, European debt continues to affect the global economy, directly affecting customer confidence, resulting in June consolidated revenue is estimated to be 77.71 million yuan in May (NT) The same) a slight decline. However, the combined revenue from April to May totaled 153 million yuan, which has reached 88% of the combined revenue in the first quarter. Looking forward to the second quarter, the combined revenue will certainly grow from the first quarter to the quarterly growth trend before the end of this year. constant.

Radek pointed out that there are 130 injection molding machines in the Dongguan factory. In the second quarter, the utilization rate is about 85%, and the order visibility is about 1.5 months. The company originally expected that the Yangzhou plant will officially start mass production in the third quarter, and will initially introduce 20 machines. However, according to the current market conditions, it is estimated that it will not start operation until September.

Redick estimates that the combined revenue for the second quarter will increase by 25-28% from the previous quarter's 173 million yuan, lower than the previous quarter's 30% increase. However, as the Yangzhou plant will be added to mass production in the third quarter, it is estimated that the third quarter revenue will continue to grow upwards, but the quarterly increase will be reduced to 15~17%.

Reddick pointed out that the company has adopted a low price grab strategy in the past few years, so the gross profit margin has gradually declined. By the first quarter of this year, the combined gross profit margin was 45.5%. However, the company's global market share has jumped to the top (about 35%) last year. Therefore, starting from the second quarter, the company will raise the price of the product, which is expected to lead to a rebound in gross profit margin. Redick said that as the company's strategy changes and the utilization rate rises to 85%, the gross profit margin in the second quarter is expected to rise to 48%, but it is difficult to return to the water level of more than 50% throughout the year.

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