Advantech launches new E3310 MVM-SEM system for wafers

Global test equipment factory Advantest (Advantest) announced the launch of a new multi-view measurement scanning electron microscope (MVM-SEM) system E3310 specifically developed for wafers. The pin pitch pattern uses Advantest's patented electron beam scanning technology to achieve high accuracy.

The E3310 inherits the advanced technology of the multi-view scanning electron microscope E3630 for Advantest masks, which can provide next-generation equipment with wafer scanning and measurement functions that surpass Qunlun, and its high stability and high accuracy. It has become an ideal solution for the development of 1Xnm node process and mass production of node processes above 22nm, which helps to shorten the process cycle time and improve chip quality.

In the past, the development of semiconductor technology has always followed Moore's Law, but when it is moving towards a smaller process today, it still inevitably encounters technical bottlenecks. The development of 3D transistor technology such as FINFET (fin-shaped field effect transistor) is expected to bridge the gap between the 22nm node and the subsequent 1Xnm node mass production. Advantest's new E3310 can provide 3D measurement functions with high stability and high accuracy to meet the needs of developing the next generation of technology.

The E3310's multi-detector configuration settings enable stable high-precision measurements at the 1Xnm node. In addition, it also provides a patent detection algorithm that can measure the 3D FinFET architecture currently adopted in the semiconductor industry. The E3310 is equipped with a high-precision positioning platform, charge control function, and pollution reduction technology. Even when the scanning electron microscope is highly magnified, it can still perform fully automatic measurement stably. In addition to silicon wafers, the supported materials also include AlTIC, quartz, silicon carbide wafers, etc. The sizes supported by each type range from 150mm to 300mm.

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