What are the applications of mems devices in automobiles

mems (microelectromechanical system) sensors; there are three MEMS technology products: infrared sensors, magnetic sensors, angle measuring sensors; in high-end cars, about 25 to 40 MEMS sensors are used;

1) Mass production of MEMS sensors with high precision and high reliability and low unit price are especially suitable for application in automotive electronic control systems;

2) Automotive airbag sensor in the airbag;

3) MEMS automotive micro-accelerometer is replacing the previous electromechanical acceleration sensor

4) The application of MEMS gyroscopes in high-end automobiles includes: suspension control, rollover

5) Automotive MEMS pressure sensor and tire pressure automatic monitoring system. The MEMS pressure sensor is suitable for any type of tire. A small pressure-sensitive chip is embedded in the tire wall to automatically measure tire pressure, temperature, speed and other data, and use The specific code is sent out.

6) MEMS application in engine management system

7) Micromechanical gyroscope is a vibrating angular rate sensor, which has attracted much attention in the development of applications in the automotive field. It is mainly used for GPS signal compensation for car navigation and car chassis control systems;

8) The multi-pressure MAP sensor is used in the electronically controlled fuel injection system EFI of the automobile to monitor the absolute pressure of the engine intake manifold, improve its power performance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

9) Miniature silicon piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensor can be used in engine exhaust gas circulation system, replacing ceramic capacitive pressure sensor;

10) Pressure measurement in automotive air conditioning compressors is also a big market for MEMS.

11) Air pressure measurement in the cylinder, cylinder explosion control;

12) Fuel injection system, diesel common rail system;

13) Transmission oil pressure, variable speed automatic control;

14) Brake oil pressure, brake system;

15) Suspension hydraulics, suspension system;

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