Zhejiang Keen Electric: "Noah's Ark" in the kitchen electricity industry

Faced with the competition of many international brands and the chaos of the economic market, how the domestic kitchen and electric enterprises are in a good position to support the dream of China's high-end brands has become a difficult problem for many enterprises. Among the many kitchen appliances, Zhejiang Keen Electric gave a wonderful and confident answer. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Keen Electric has adhered to the goal of specialization, high-grade and high-quality products. It is determined to become the leader of Chinese concept kitchens, constantly pursuing innovation and upgrading of design, technology and quality, thus creating high-end kitchen appliances belonging to the Chinese people themselves. Brand.

China's complex kitchen environment has determined that the core technology of kitchen appliances must be in the hands of the Chinese themselves. Many domestic companies are well versed in this, and they have been preparing for this, and hope to seize market opportunities through research and development of the latest technology. Cohen Electric has been reviewing the situation and forging ahead. While continuously breaking through the inertia thinking, it has further improved the product line and produced high-quality kitchen appliances. In addition, after years of technical precipitation, the company has mastered the domestic advanced kitchen power core technology: Coanda's smoke guide stencil, oil-electric separation system, Cohen's double wind wheel, IP67 waterproof and oil-proof grade energy-saving lamps, micro-switches, etc. These core technologies ensure the humanized technology and high-efficiency quality of Cohen products. And led the innovative evolution of kitchen appliances again and again. Advanced testing equipment such as air volume tester, needle flame tester, salt spray test, oil circuit test, etc., and high integration with quality testing ensure the high quality and extraordinary quality of these products. These are many other brands that are difficult to be used for quite a long time. An effective barrier that cannot be surpassed.

The focus on the kitchen appliances sector is another major factor in the development of Cohen. For many years, Cohen Electric has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of high-end embedded kitchen appliances, and is committed to providing kitchen appliances with personalized design, simple operation and high-efficiency for those who pursue high-quality life. The focus on producing embedded concept products has earned Cohen's professional status, which is an important condition and capital to support Cohen's creation of high-end brands.

Chen Yijun, technical director of Zhejiang Keen Electric, said that in the future, the company will continue to focus on high-end kitchen appliances, with the concept of “exquisite technology and high-efficiency quality” as the brand mission to improve the human cooking environment and better lead the Chinese kitchen appliance market. Develop healthily and orderly!

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