The old energy-saving lamp enterprise Guolong lighting closed the traditional light source

[Text / high-tech LED reporter / Zhou Jianhua]

On the evening of December 6, when the "High-tech LED" reporter told the old-fashioned energy-saving lamp enterprise that had been operating for more than 15 years - Guolong Lighting collapsed, the legal person was not known, and many colleagues in the industry were surprised. Some people have defined this as a typical example of the elimination of traditional energy-saving light sources under the LED wave.

People go to the building

"Probably on the evening of November 28th, the warehouse of a transportation company in this integrated logistics park was robbed by Guolong employees, and the products were used to offset the arrears of wages. About 40 boxes, the estimated value is more than 100,000 yuan." A person in charge at the Haizhou Logistics Park in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, told the reporter of Gaogong LED, and finally the police station of the local police station came forward to solve it.

Since then, Zhongshan Guolong Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. has defaulted on the wages of its employees and is unable to repay the payment. The general manager Chen Biaoquan did not know where he was missing.

On the morning of December 7, the reporter of "High-tech LED" came to the Guolong Industrial Park in Qingfeng Industrial Zone, Xiaolan, Zhongshan. I saw a mess in front of the door, except that the sanitation workers were cleaning up the branches that seemed to grow too lush. Two people belonging to the local village committee governance are guarding. When the supplier of the high-tech LED reporter came to checkout and asked about the situation of the factory, they were not willing to respond positively. One of them said coldly: "This is a lot of money, it is estimated that there are more than 20 million. What are your hundreds of thousands of things? The boss can't find it, there is a way."

A notice issued by the Xiaolan Branch of the Zhongshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on November 29 was posted next to the five brand names on the front of Guolong. At that time, more than 60 employees had petitioned to report that the wages were not paid in October and November, and the production was stopped on November 27. The general manager of the legal person, Chen Biaoquan, has not been able to contact.

During the "High-tech LED" reporter, he called Chen Biaoquan's general manager's mobile phone several times and could not connect. He called his office in Chongqing and Wuhan Branch and answered no one.

Founded in 1998, Zhongshan Guolong Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. is a local enterprise engaged in the production of energy-saving fluorescent lamps earlier in Zhongshan. It owns five brands including Sori, Ou Sheng, Weikai and Moore. At present, some brands of energy-saving lamps with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, such as Ou Dier lighting, are also quite similar. Founder Chen Biaoquan is also known as the "standard brother" for the industry.

"This can be regarded as a typical example of the collapse of old-fashioned energy-saving lamps when LEDs are surging. The energy-saving lamps companies are more difficult under the influence of LEDs and the market's sluggishness." One has also operated energy-saving light sources for more than 15 years. The Zhongshan business owner is so appreciative.

In the former Guolong Industrial Park, where nearly tens of thousands of employees and trucks are in and out, only the empty factory area is now left.

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