Specs leak: Intel 10W and 13W Ivy Bridge processors

Specs leak: Intel 10W and 13W Ivy Bridge processors Remember rumors that Intel will release a low-power Ivy Bridge CPU before Haswell? The folks at VR-Zone Chinese have gotten a slide that looks like they came from Intel and listed the specifications of five new processors - and some power consumption is as low as 10 watts! According to VR-Zone, there is obviously a "Y" series of processors that will be available in the first quarter of next year.

At the low end, the Y series will include a Pentium 2129Y dual-threaded dual-core processor with 2MB of cache and a core frequency of 1.1GHz. The "nominal" TDP is 10 watts. It does not support Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading Technology. .

The flagship model of the series is the Core i7-3689Y, which has dual-core, four-thread, 1.5GHz basic all-time rate and Turbo acceleration to 2.6GHz peak speed, 4MB of cache and lightweight 13W of power.

Both the low-end Pentium and the high-end Core i7 have an 850MHz core graphics card, but the i7's IGP is marked "Intel HD Graphics 4000", while the Pentium is only labeled "Intel HD Graphics." The Pentium IGP may just disable some units.

The exact figure of 10W is also the goal of Intel's next-generation Haswell mobile chip. Using the Ivy Bridge to get there in advance is definitely unexpected. VR-Zone did not speculate that those systems will be equipped with these Ivy CPUs, but TechReport believes that slim ultrabooks and even some tablet computers may carry them. This is very exciting.

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