What should you pay attention to in professional home theater decoration and acoustic treatment?

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] Before we shared a series of home theater decoration and acoustic processing related articles ("Video and audio-visual room decoration acoustic treatment Raiders", "Living room theater decoration acoustic treatment notes"), but some people Q: "Does the home theater acoustic treatment need to be done?" "The equipment is a little better, the home theater decoration is simple to get down, it needs to be so complicated?" We often meet friends to ask such questions. Many well-known audio-visual enthusiasts will have a better understanding of home theater decoration and equipment. At the beginning of the plan to build a home theater, there will be an approximate budget. Some professional-level enthusiasts can even adjust the sound field of the audio-visual room. And those friends who have doubts about acoustic processing, we will also explain it from a professional perspective.

What should you pay attention to in professional home theater decoration and acoustic treatment?

In the previous article, we mentioned the composition of the home theater, the brand, the equipment selection, the budget ratio, etc., so that the newly-introduced users have the most basic understanding of the home theater. However, some users still have doubts about home theater decoration and acoustic treatment, and think it is not necessary. Today we will talk about the importance of acoustic processing and the main problems to be solved in home theater renovation.

The user thinks that home theater decoration is not necessary. First, because the role and importance of the project is not understood, another point is that it has already spent a lot of money on the audio equipment, and does not want to spend more on renovation. The second factor is also due to the lack of understanding of the first factor, so that there is no reasonable allocation on the budget.

Home theater renovation and sound field environmental treatment are necessary for home theater effects. This is not to allow customers to invest more, but to take responsibility from a professional perspective. The input of audio equipment can be said to be a penny. When users purchase a set of high-quality audio equipment, the final result is not ideal. Users will feel that it is not worth the money, the big brand for home theater. Questioned. At this time, if there is a professional person to carry out the analysis, it will start with the environment in which the home theater is located, analyze the cause, and start to adjust and modify the environmental factors, and then listen to the effect of the equipment, then there is immediate results. Variety. The so-called "three-point equipment, seven-point environment", good equipment is applied in a good environment, the score of the sound effect is not the sum of the two, but double the improvement.

Since home theater decoration and acoustic treatment are so important, what problems have they solved, will they have such effects and effects? We can divide the purpose of home theater renovation into three: noise, sound insulation; room echo and Reverberation processing; controlling standing waves suppresses reflected sound waves. In fact, it is the treatment of sound insulation, sound absorption and diffusion that people often say.


Control standing wave, suppress reflected sound waves

The sound is transmitted in the form of waves. In the room, the sound waves hit the walls and obstacles, and they will undergo constant reflection. If the reflected sound waves are superimposed with the direct sound waves, they will form different areas of strength and weakness. When listening, the sound will be felt in the audio-visual room. The frequency band is harsh and some details are weak. In this case, the home theater decoration and acoustic treatment should be carried out. The sound energy is absorbed or diffused in other directions by means of sound absorption and diffusion to break up the natural sound reflection. Wave, to adjust the sound field environment in the audio and video room.


Room echo and reverb processing

Reverberation time is a very important concept in small space acoustics. If the reverberation time is too long, the sound in the room is turbid and you need to increase the sound absorption to reduce the reverberation time. If the reverberation time is too short, the sound in the room is too dry, and there may be too much sound absorption, which needs to be spread to increase the reverberation time.


Noise, sound insulation

An audio-visual room does not deal with noise and sound insulation problems. Then the problem comes. When the user is enjoying a blockbuster or listening to music, the noise source constantly makes noises, so that the human ear can't get the sound details correctly when watching and enjoying music. Seriously affect the audio and video experience. On the other hand, when the user enjoys the audio-visual program, suddenly a neighbor is found or interrupted by the family, and being told that it affects their normal life and rest, is this very disappointing? These problems are caused by the noise and sound insulation of the home theater decoration.

Through professional means, properly handle the above problems, decorate the home theater to get a good sound field environment, set off the ultimate performance of high-quality audio and video equipment, in order to get a value for money audio and video experience. After reading it, do you still think that home theater decoration and acoustic treatment are not important? Home theater 100,000 why, please pay attention to the home theater network official WeChat: cnhifi.

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