Detailed Christmas decoration lamps export certification

Detailed Christmas decoration lamps export certification For people in Western countries, Christmas is like Spring Festival for Chinese people. Every Christmas Day, every family will decorate the home with a beautiful decoration to spend this important holiday, and Christmas lighting is one of the essential items purchased every year.

After seeing this market opportunity, many domestic lighting manufacturers have also invested in the production and manufacture of Christmas decorative lamps, and have flooded into this huge market.

However, due to safety hazards such as fire and electric shock, western countries have strict requirements on the quality and safety of decorative lamps. When consumers purchase, they will also choose those products that have been tested and certified by a third-party organization, such as the CSA Group, and have products with authoritative certification marks to use with confidence.

The requirements for the certification of decorative lighting fixtures can be divided into two categories: decorative light strings and decorative modeling lights. Decorative light strings mainly include indoor tungsten light strings, outdoor tungsten light strings, indoor LED light strings, and outdoor LED light strings. The decorative modeling lights include indoor modeling lights and outdoor modeling lights.

For these two types of products, the certification requirements are also different. In general, decorative light strings can be certified together with flower shells, while decorative modeling light products generally need to be assembled with certified light strings for application. Compared with indoor products, when testing and certifying, the certification body will pay more attention to the use of outdoor festive decorative lamps in the aspects of anti-freezing impact, waterproof and leakage, etc. to prevent personal safety threats to users.

In the North American market, there are two main certification standards for Christmas lamps. One is CSA C22.2 No for the Canadian market. 37 "General Requirements for Christmas Trees and Other Lighting Components" and the other is ANSI/UL 588 "Safety Standards for Seasonal and Holiday Decorations" for the U.S. market, and these two standards have different requirements for product structure. In light string structure, plastic materials and wires and so on.

The rising LED decorative lighting LED lighting is a hot spot in the market. Traditional decorative lights consume large amounts of power and their brilliance is not bright enough. LED decorative lights have characteristics such as high energy efficiency, high brightness and durability, which are the future development trends. More and more manufacturers began to pay attention to the production of LED Christmas lights, to grasp the psychology of consumers wanting to find energy-saving products, set off a green wind.

Similarly, LED Christmas lights manufacturers also need to pay attention to ensure that the product through the target market requirements for testing and certification to prove that the product meets the requirements of the applicable standards in order to successfully export and attract consumers.

In terms of testing and certification, it is usually more concerned about whether the product's rectifying device is sufficiently resistant to -35°C low temperature, whether the plastic housing of the rectifying device is too fragile, whether the rectifying device is sufficiently sealed and waterproof, and whether the resistance of the resistor is too high and the power is too high. Too low, whether the power supply of the low voltage string has good output overload protection and whether the housing meets outdoor use requirements.

Christmas Lighting Purchasing and Using Tips To protect the personal safety of the holiday season, the purchase of certified high quality Christmas lighting products is only one aspect; on the other hand, consumers should also be extremely careful when installing and using them to avoid improper use. Causes damage. For the procurement, installation and use of Christmas lighting, CSA Group has the following recommendations:

Choose a quality product: If you choose to buy a real tree, make sure it is not dry and fresh trees do not pose a risk of fire. If you choose artificial trees with lamps, you need to purchase products with certification marks and confirm whether they use fireproof materials.

Timely replacement of obsolete products: Each year, the existing luminaires should be checked in detail and those equipment that has broken power cords or broken or loose lampholders should be replaced in time. Also, pay attention to the power failure when replacing the lamp to prevent electric shock and ensure that the new lamp matches the voltage and power.

Keep in mind safety first: Place fragile items outside the reach of children and pets, and make sure they don't use light strings as toys. Choose a fireproof arrangement and use no open flame near flammable materials. Do not nail the light string or extension cord to the wall as this may destroy the insulation and cause explosion or fire risk. When fixing the string of lights, use insulating fasteners as much as possible and do not use metal nails.

Timely removal arrangements: Outdoor lighting strings are used seasonally. Long-term exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh climates is likely to result in an explosion or fire. Therefore, after the holidays are over, the related arrangements should be promptly withdrawn and the products should be kept in a package for use in the coming year.

As a famous Christmas lamp testing and certification agency in North America, CSA Group can test and certify a wide range of Christmas lighting products, including LED light sources with various flower shells and traditional light string, various 2D and 3D modeling lamps (including animals, Gift boxes, stars, candles, etc.), Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, three-dimensional figures with fiber optic decorations or sounding devices.

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