First trial run of 220 kV cross-linked submarine cable

The national science and technology support plan key projects and the first trial report of the first 220 kV photoelectric composite cross-linked cable have been reviewed by experts.

The 220 kV submarine cable called the Lanzhou 1936 line has been running smoothly since November 2010. It has stable operation, no failures, and no abnormalities. It has delivered 84.15 TWh of electricity to Zhoushan Xiushan Island. .

The submarine cable is jointly developed by the State Grid Corporation of China, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Cable Research Institute and 11 universities and research institutes. The first 220 kV photovoltaic composite cross-linking with independent intellectual property rights in China. Submarine cable. The appraisal of the trial run of the 220 kV cable hooking network effectively solved the key technical problems in the development of China's marine power transmission industry, and will provide strong scientific research and technology for promoting research on marine power transmission technology in China and promoting the construction of a strong island smart grid. Protection.

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