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2012-03-05 10:20 [Edit: yangzhaowu]

Since the launch of the LED light source DLP movement, it has revolutionized the technological breakthrough. After two years of technology and product improvement, the DLP display system of LED light source has entered a stable and mature development stage. Not only the world's major DLP rear-projection movement manufacturers have launched their own LED light source products without exception. It is reported that in 2012, large-screen manufacturers led by Mitsubishi will further strengthen the promotion of LED light source products, and want to lead a new round of changes in the large-screen display industry.

As a world-class leader in the large-screen splicing industry, Mitsubishi Electric has launched the prestigious 70 series, original, professional and innovative. With advanced "smart7" technology, it sets a global standard for display wall systems. Since the launch of the LED light source engine splicing wall products in 2010, this year will continue to introduce 75 series of new generation LED light source engine splicing wall products. The 75 series of LED light source rear projection products will have three characteristics of high brightness, wisdom and environmental protection. Mitsubishi Electric technicians revealed that this series of LED light source splicing wall products adopts a new generation of high-brightness LED light sources. Compared with the brightness of the original LED light source products, it has more than doubled, even exceeding the brightness of the traditional UHP light source, which will greatly expand the application of LED light sources in more complex environments.

The 75 series products adopt a new generation of LED light source technology, while ensuring the brightness improvement, but also pay more attention to energy-saving technology. Compared with the previous generation LED light source, the actual energy consumption can be reduced by about 20%, which will be fully improved. Energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, Mitsubishi's new generation of LED light source rear-projection wall products use air-cooled heat sinks to cool the heat sink by fan or natural wind. Because the heat sink is in close contact with the chip, this way can be used to indirectly help the thermal conductivity of the metal. The rear wall is cooled down, which avoids the increase in brightness and causes the LED to heat up too much, which balances the brightness and life of the product. At the same time, it has the longest service life of 80,000 hours in the industry, eliminating the need for high maintenance costs in the later period and achieving zero maintenance of the system.

Environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon efficiency and low maintenance are the revolutionary impact of Mitsubishi Electric's new 75 series products. With the industry-leading industry-leading 75 series LED light source rear-projection splicing wall products launched in February this year, this will fully enhance the role of Mitsubishi Electric in the domestic large-screen market, which provides another comprehensive layout for the Chinese market. A powerful weapon.

Mitsubishi Electric said that the 75 series LED light source rear projection splicing wall has a new high-brightness LED light source movement, the quality is comprehensively improved, and more trustworthy. It will provide more competitive and high-value perfect solutions for powerful partners in various industries to meet the needs of differentiated domestic key user groups.

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