The latest iPad is scheduled to tight iPad2 price $100

March 12 news, according to foreign media reports, those who want to book Apple's latest iPad to avoid buying during the peak period of the development of consumer groups, if the booking in the Apple retail store, then still need to wait patiently for some time Only get the latest iPad.

It is understood that Apple's latest version of tablet products will be put on the shelves next Friday. However, Apple’s website stated that consumers can only subscribe to the iPad online until Friday, March 19th.

It is reported that prior to this, it was reported that Apple had promised that the latest iPad will reach the hands of consumers on the day of release. Trudy Miller, an Apple spokesperson, said that the reason for this change was that consumers reacted “too hot” to the new iPad and quickly sold out the goods reserved for online booking on March 16. The release of Apple's new products is one of the hottest events in terms of technology. Not only investors are very concerned, but also media and industry insiders.

For the loyal fans of Apple products, if you want to wait to become the first consumer to buy a new iPad, the three-day waiting time for them is like the past life, which can also increase in Apple's retail Stores purchase the number of new iPads.

According to reports, Apple claims that they will continue to sell the iPad2, but they will reduce the iPad2's sales price by 100 US dollars, the current iPad2's sales price of 399 US dollars, while the latest third-generation iPad iPad iPad sales floor price of 499 US dollars.

However, the high-end version of the new iPad will be priced at $629, and will also be able to run on high-speed 4G LTE networks, which run approximately 10 times faster than current 3G technologies.

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