Accumulation estimates that this year's Q1 off-season will not increase the annual revenue will push up 20%

According to the accumulation of LED driver ICs, the net profit before tax for the whole year of 2011 was NT$326 million, an annual decrease of 1.97%, and the pre-tax earnings per share was 9.84 yuan. LED price cuts have led to continued signs of warming in the market, so the first quarter of this year will be weak in the off-season.

Accumulation pointed out that traditionally the second quarter results will be 20% higher than the first quarter, and the third quarter is the most prosperous year. This year, the accumulation of LED lighting power modules will begin, and the upstream IC will enter the downstream for the first time to further expand the product line. Driven by this, the legal person is optimistic that this year's accumulated annual revenue will increase by 20% and grow to around NT$2.4 billion.

Accumulation said that this year, LED lighting power module overall revenue ratio can exceed 10%, and will continue to increase the proportion of LED driver IC part of the niche-type products revenue, as well as the proportion of copper wire-making process, to increase gross margin.


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