Lithium iron phosphate battery to promote battery technology innovation

Recently, General Motors announced that they will replace the existing battery types with phosphoric acid based lithium-ion batteries provided by A123 Systems Inc. General Motors said that this lithium iron phosphate battery is safer and more durable than the battery currently used by Volenda. However, so far, this battery has not yet begun mass production, and it is expected that by 2013 it will be possible to achieve large-scale distribution requirements.

In fact, domestic users are no strangers to the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries in electric vehicles. From 2010, the first domestic BYD dual-mode electric car F3DM for personal sales, to BYD e6, the first pure electric taxi in China, and BYD pure electric bus K9, which was put into trial operation in January this year, are all Lithium iron phosphate battery was used. As of November of this year, BYD e6 pure electric taxi has accumulated mileage of 8 million kilometers, and the longest mileage of bicycles is 170,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to 6 years of mileage of ordinary private cars, fully verifying the durability of lithium-ion phosphate batteries and stability.

Lithium iron phosphate battery performance advantages outstanding At present, there are four main types of electric vehicle battery: lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and lithium-powered batteries, of which the first three kinds of batteries due to short battery life, and has not been widely used The future will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. Lithium-powered batteries have obvious performance advantages, but due to the different electrode material systems used, their performance is very different, and the more mature positive-polarity material lithium cobaltate is studied. Due to its poor safety, it basically does not have the ability to produce large capacity and high power. The possibility of power battery.

The lithium iron phosphate battery has many advantages such as long cycle life, stable structure, good safety performance, low cost, and the like, and the lithium iron phosphate material does not have any toxic and harmful substances, does not pose any pollution to the environment, and is recognized by the world as a green battery. material. Research experts at home and abroad battery technology generally pointed out that lithium iron phosphate battery as a power type power supply, will become the lead-acid, nickel-hydrogen and manganese, cobalt and other series of batteries the most promising alternatives.

It is precisely because of the relative advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries compared to other types of batteries. Domestic and foreign car companies have seen the potential of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and they have applied lithium iron phosphate batteries to electric vehicles.

Lithium iron phosphate's R&D time began almost synchronously at home and abroad, and the mass production rate in China even exceeded overseas. It is understood that as of 2011, BYD, as one of the world's first car companies to realize the industrialization of lithium iron phosphate batteries, has invested a total of 1.201 billion yuan in Huizhou City for the construction of a lithium iron phosphate battery base, and will be the first Lithium iron phosphate electric vehicles have been put on the market, so that the battery's performance advantages have been fully proved. According to the person in charge of the State Grid Corporation of Shanghai, “Compared with other electric vehicle companies, BYD’s electric vehicles are the most stable and have the highest operating efficiency.”

Lithium iron phosphate electric vehicle has a promising market With the crisis of the ever-decreasing world's fuel reserves and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, it is imperative to develop electric vehicles with battery as the main power source as soon as possible. According to the domestic "Energy-saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2011-2020)" pointed out that by 2020, China's requirements, new energy vehicles industrialization and market size to achieve the world's first, including new energy vehicles (plug-in hybrid Power cars and pure electric vehicles must have 5 million vehicles.

However, most of the current battery technologies for electric vehicles have encountered technical bottlenecks. The battery used by the manufacturer has a low specific capacity (a one-time charge cannot achieve an ideal driving range), and a low specific power (accelerating the ability to climb a slope, and tending to be in a state of balance when discharging a large current). Weaknesses are not widely used in the market. With the BYD electric vehicles e6, F3DM, and K9 using lithium iron phosphate batteries, in the operation of the market, and gradually fully verify the lithium iron phosphate battery life, the development of electric vehicle battery technology in the future also has a more clear direction.

In China, new energy vehicles are in the critical period of scientific research and industrialization. Under the state's vigorous support for the development of new energy automotive industry, it is believed that the application and promotion of lithium iron phosphate batteries will certainly help to realize the industrialization of electric vehicles as soon as possible. Marketization.

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