Power Integrations Announces New 5W Offline LED Driver Reference Design

Recently, a new reference design for the high-voltage integrated circuit manufacturer Power Integrations (POWI) (RDK-251) 5 W offline LED driver with non-flashing TRIAC dimming and Single-stage power factor correction (PFC) Based on Power Integrations' LNK457DG, this device is part of the innovative LinkSwitch-PL LED driver IC family for small, non-isolated installations.

The new reference design provides a standard LED string voltage of 15 V for a single current output of 350 mA. Using a standard AC mains TRIAC dimmer reduces the output current by 1% (3 mA) without causing the LED array to be unstable or flickering. This power supply is compatible with low cost leading-edge dimmers and more sophisticated trailing edge dimmers. It operates over the full AC input range (85 VAC to 265 VAC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz) and can withstand input ranges from 0 VAC to 300 VAC, improving field reliability and use during inter-chirping and steep rises between lines life.

The new reference design is suitable for small form factor sizes, eliminating the need for passive components required for older LED driver designs, including large, unreliable high voltage electrolytic capacitors for improved manufacturability and durability. At the same time, the controller and high-voltage power MOSFETs are integrated into a single silicon chip, reducing the number of components and eliminating parasitic switching between the controller and the high-voltage power MOSFET.

LinkSwitch-PL devices are available now in SO-8, eSOP and eDIP packages. The board can be fitted with a pear-shaped A19 LED replacement lamp for the E26/27 lamp holder. The RDK-251 contains specifications, circuit diagrams, bill of materials, transformer files, printed circuit board board and performance data for the complete power supply.

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