Tyrant standard: Sharp 70-inch 4K smart TV out of the box experience

TV has now become a must-have item for every family. Watching TV has become one of the ways many people enjoy entertainment. Buying a favorite TV is critical. With the development of science and technology, 4K TV has gradually begun to spread.

This Internet TV uses daily packing boxes and does not use any other materials. However, in order to make it easier to dismantle the packaging, a snap-fastening structure is used to fix the bottom of the box. There are 4 side and 8 buckle parts. With 8 snaps, the outer package can be removed, which is conducive to moving out of the TV body.

Sharp 70-inch Internet TV accessories are not many, base, bracket, certificate, manual, quick guide, data lines, screws, remote control, plus an adapter, this is the basic accessories information.

The front design of the remote control is very simple, the direction keys and operation keys are very clear, and the pressing effect is also very good, and the bounce and feedback effects are comfortable.

For the base, the design is also simple. The steel structure acts as an internal support. The exterior material is made of plastic and the paint is applied on the surface. The gloss and effect are very good. The bottom buckle is fixed by screws.

Using a split-type design, the smart system is separated from the TV body, and the data line and the power line are used to connect. The advantage of this is that the body can be made thinner and the body design is more beautiful without any influence. The independent intelligent system ensures that the system operates and the speakers are also designed together so that the sound effects can be better achieved.

In terms of data connection, there are not only ordinary antenna interfaces, LAN interfaces, but also 3 HDMI, 2 USB, audio and video interfaces, digital output, headphones, subwoofer output, etc., while the right-most is the TV and intelligent system. Connected HDMI interface and movie interface, smart system body from the TV for power.

TV uses the current advanced panel technology, Japan imported high-precision 4K panel, and the use of wide color gamut technology, coupled with Sharp's unique image quality adjustment technology, so that this TV's picture quality is subtle and stunning. It looks very comfortable atmosphere.

For resources, refer to the tutorial: Sharp TV Universal Tutorial Installation Method Install the sofa butler software market. The basic software is very convenient.

to sum up:

After a period of use, the experience is very cool, the visual effects brought by the large and ultra-fine LCD panel, the gift of three years of Youku membership is considered a welfare; the operation of the APP makes the operation of TV more convenient and faster; Ali YunOS for TV6.0 The ease of use of the system is high. 4K is definitely a movie artifact, which is much clearer than 2K, but the premise is that you need to find the real 4K resources.

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