What are the methods for interacting with the cell phone in the millet box?

For the millet box, from the initial generation of products to today's enhanced version of the millet box and the millet box mini version, the millet box has brought us a lot of entertainment functions and experience, rich video resources, a variety of functions, adding to our lives A lot of fun. You may know that our Xiaomi mobile phone has a variety of ways of interacting with the box. I will use the mini version of the millet box as an example to introduce the interaction methods of several types of millet boxes and mobile phones. I hope to help everyone.

NO.1 cast screen artifact

Casting artifact in detail using method

First of all, we need to install the screen cast APP on the mobile phone, in the millet mobile phone application store can search for download.

We can use it to open screencasting artifacts. We can put video, mobile phone pictures on the screen to TV broadcast, and it can also be used to install applications for the millet box.

Let's talk about casting videos. There are massive video resources in the screen casting artifacts. Finding your favorite clicks will give you an interface for screencasting. Clicking the screencast to play the selected video will play on the TV.

Let’s talk about shooting photos. All the picture folders on the open cell phone will be displayed. Select the folder where you want to put the picture on the TV. Open the folder, click on the picture it will be displayed on the TV, and we can also on the phone. Controlling picture playback is also good if this feature is used in meetings.

The application of this function is very practical, its own APP comes with a lot of applications, you can also choose to install the installation package, click the installation package to install the phone on the installation package will automatically display, select the click you need, and there is the box The installed application can also be displayed on the mobile phone, and the installed application can also be directly opened on the television using the mobile phone.

In the upper left corner, I can view the play history, my favorites, my apps, and use the phone to clear the trash on the box or TV.

NO.2 meters function

Mi-Mian function is Xiaomi phone comes with, open the video on the millet phone, there are as many videos here, choose your favorite start playing, click on the screen in the playback interface will display the screen options, click on the screen will prompt you need to vote Screen device, click to select OK, local video on the phone can also oh.

The photos on the mobile phone can be cast on the TV through Milian. Open the pictures that need to be screened and click on the bottom of the screen.

The logo, click on it will prompt you to screen the device, select a good click on it.

NO.3 Miracast function

First use the remote control to find Miracast on the TV, now call Wireless Display, turn it on.

This process is actually the first automatic closure of the wifi box, and then start wifi-direct, so the screenshot can not be used, can only take pictures.

Then set the phone, open the phone settings - other connections - wireless display, open the wireless display, this is as long as the box's wireless display will open on the phone will find it, click on the device name you choose.

After you click on the device you selected, the phone will automatically connect to the TV. After the completion of the phone's screen will be cast on the TV.

NO.4 WeChat function

First of all, WeChat needs to focus on the millet box and send a TV show or movie or movie name to the box. The box WeChat will automatically reply to the video file. Select your favorite opening and give it to the millet box. If your box version is lower than 1.3.18 you will be required to enter the millet box IP.

NO.5 millet remote control

This function we all know, download millet remote control, open and select the device you want to control, there will be a remote control interface, a switch machine, home page, return and other functions, left and right sliding screen is the left and right keys, click the screen is the selection key The phone volume key is the TV's volume key. After the horizontal screen of the mobile phone, the screen of the television will actually be displayed. We can use the screenshot function of the mobile phone to directly intercept the TV screen.

NO.6 Millet Cloud Album

First, you need to have a millet account, open the cloud album on your phone, set up - millet account - cloud service - set - cloud album, so that the photos on the phone can be directly backed up to the cloud album.

Log in to your millet account on the TV, open the cloud album, and the photos that you backed up to the cloud album on your phone will be displayed on the TV.

In the settings of the box, select Universal Settings, then select Screen Saver, and open the photo using Cloud Album as the screen saver so that the TV screen saver will scroll through the photos of the cloud album.

to sum up

Write it here for the time being. New discoveries will be added later. Or that sentence millet's products as long as you toss you will find a lot of little-known features, I hope everyone has a fun discovery also come to the community to share posts, thank you.

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