Outdoor lighting landscape lighting linear IC can do anything?

According to the research data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the output value of China's LED landscape lighting market reached 47.8 billion yuan in 2015. It is estimated that the output value of landscape lighting in 2016 will reach 50 billion yuan.

More predictable that by 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output value is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

Such a huge market has made many companies struggling with the low-margin "milk pool" of LEDs shine a little. "I said that linearity has been great in the morning. I made money in linear (IC) last year." Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics, is quite proud. He believes that this year's landscape can also make money.

On July 8th, "2016 High-tech LED National Tour Research Activity - Outdoor Road Landscape Lighting Seminar", Ming Ya Electronics Sales Director Yang Yaji confirmed the statement of Li Zhaohua from the company's product layout this year.

Mingwei Electronics is in the driving IC industry, LED display, LED lighting, LED landscape lighting three-point world, and among them, landscape lighting is maintained in a relatively high gross profit state.

“(Maori’s part of the reason is also because) landscape lighting is very demanding for IC,” Yang Yaji said at the seminar.

It is understood that the products used for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are mainly divided into high-power applications, LED modules, electric light sources, line lights, soft light strips, etc. Yang Yaji introduces the driver ICs in detail from various aspects such as parameters and performance. Application scenarios for each category.

Taking high-power applications as an example, Mingwei Electronics can provide linear constant current schemes for monochromatic applications, DC/DC constant current schemes, SM16512P current spreading schemes for dimming applications, and parallel DC/DC current spreading schemes. Program.

Mingwei Electronics is proud of its linear IC products for outdoor high-power products. The SM1503B/T high-power monochrome linear constant current application adopts an integrated solution, full-chip devices, few external components, and high constant current accuracy. The single channel can output up to 150mA, and the total output is 450mA. "The SM1506B high-power monochrome linear constant current application can output up to 1A in a single channel." Yang Yaji introduced.

“The spotlights made with linear ICs are more aesthetically pleasing, and there is no such thing as a big protruding behind them,” Li Zhaohua told Gaogong LEDs. Linear ICs can save a lot of space for the lamps. At the same time, they are resistant to lightning surges. In terms of the market, it can also meet the needs of the market.

In fact, Ming Micro Electronics is vigorously deploying the landscape lighting market this year, and believes that this market is promising.

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