SARFT rectifies online video and extravagance one-night situation needs to be deleted

Unlike content broadcast on television, online video content has always been known for its large scale. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently issued a notice on strengthening the management of Internet audiovisual program content by the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and managed the large-scale content of audiovisual content on the Internet.

The notice not only stipulates that the content of extramarital affairs, love, and eroticism should be cut, but also that violence, blood stasis, homicide, etc. are also managed, and many network dramas will also be implicated in the rectification.

Advocacy of extramarital affairs, polygon love content will be cut

For large-scale network audio-visual programs, any network audio-visual program that promotes third parties, extramarital affairs, one-night stands or even sexual cues, erotic content, etc., must be cut and deleted in a timely manner.

The article specifically stated that it promotes unhealthy content such as extramarital affairs, polymoral love, one-night stand, sexual abuse and wife-changing; it has sexual cues, sexual provocativeness and other content that leads to sexual association; and it also specifically shows adultery, rape, incest, and necrophilia. Situations such as prostitution, prostitution, jealousy, sexual metamorphosis, masturbation, and performance or concealment of expressive behaviors, sexual processes, sexual patterns, and excessive physical contact with them must be deleted.

Not only that, but also adult films, erotic films, third-grade films, photo shoot, running out, dew point, and as the title or classification of video programs should also be cut and rectified.

Bloody, violent plots need rectification

In addition to extramarital affairs, eroticism, and other content, the notification also provides that there are stimulating murderous, bloody, violent, suicidal, kidnapping, drug use, gambling, and other aspects of the network of audiovisual content, but also need to cut. If there are overly scary screens, subtitles, background music and sound effects in the network audio-visual programs, they also need to be rectified and cut.

The content of the slaughtered animals shown in the online video, or the content of animals that contain hunting, eating, or national protection, must also be cut off or deleted.

In addition, programs such as online music video MVs, variety shows, short films, animations, etc., as well as self-timer, hot dance, beauty, hilarity, originality, filming, and other subjects should be checked to ensure that the content of the broadcasted program does not violate the provisions of the notice.

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