LED industry is facing difficulties G20-LED summit came into being

[High-tech LED News] LED is recognized as the fourth-generation green lighting source in the world, and its application prospects are attracting worldwide attention. Many countries around the world are vigorously developing the LED lighting industry. However, the chaos of the LED industry is becoming more and more prominent. There are problems such as overheating of industrial investment, structural overcapacity of production capacity, patent infringement, lack of standards, shortage of talents, product homogeneity, and disorderly market competition.

The hot investment in industrial investment has triggered a crisis of overcapacity. According to the statistics of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the total investment in China's LED industry contracted plans in 2010 was 217.885 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 248.6%. In the year, about 74 new-scale investment projects (referring to investment of 100 million yuan or more) were added, and the number increased by 25 over the previous year.

GLII believes that from the current construction and planned construction project statistics, the upcoming capacity of LED will at least overdraw the market demand of the next 3-5. After the completion of a large number of LED projects, it will highlight the thorny issues such as the lack of concentration of the LED industry, overcapacity, and disorderly competition in the market.

And in terms of patents. At present, there are 124,000 LED patent applications worldwide, including 20,000 in the US, 49,000 in Japan, and 25,000 in China. Some experts pointed out that although domestic LED companies have applied for many LED patents or even invention patents in the past two years, most of them are not original invention patents, and most of them have been repaired on the basis of the original patents of international LED giants. Once the international giant hair has a patent war, it will be a disaster for Chinese LED companies.

Standard question. The lack of standards has always been the bottleneck of the development of the LED industry. At the end of 2009, the country has issued 8 national standards and 9 semiconductor lighting industry standards, and implemented in 2010. At the same time, local governments such as Guangdong, Shenzhen and Shanxi have launched a series of local standards.

At this stage, China's lighting standard system is basically based on reference to international standards and European and American standards. Lack of corresponding independent research work provides technical support for standard setting. Enterprises still have the criteria for whether these standards can truly become the guiding principles for enterprise production. doubt. At the same time, the performance requirements of LED application products are constantly changing and improving, and the products are not yet mature, so it is difficult to formulate appropriate LED application product standards. The lack of standards has also been a bottleneck in the development of the LED industry.

With the influx of capital into the emerging industry of LED in recent years, China's LED lighting industry has also ushered in an unprecedented golden period of development; on the other hand, the lack of reserves of relevant practitioners has resulted in an imbalance in talent supply, and domestic related talents. The training system is not enough to support the talent demand of the domestic LED industry, which also makes the events of rapid job hopping and digging corners emerge one after another.

Talent issues. The hunger for talents, especially middle and high-end talents, will continue to be the bottleneck of the development of LED industry in China and the world in the next few years. Venture capital is rushing into the emerging industry of LED. China's LED lighting industry has ushered in an unprecedented golden period of development. On the other hand, the lack of reserves of relevant practitioners has caused an imbalance in the supply of talents, and the training system of relevant domestic talents is insufficient. In order to support the talent demand of the domestic LED industry, this has also led to the emergence of rapid job hopping, digging corners and other events.

There are still many problems: product homogeneity leads to low-price competition, industry barriers, channel wars, mixed fish...

At present, there are a large number of LED enterprises, small scales, imitation-based, single-handedly fighting, unable to cope with rapidly changing technologies and markets, and must jointly discuss organizational, cooperative, integrated, and innovative business models in order to achieve breakthrough development and lead modern LED lighting. New trends. The "G20-LED Summit" came into being, and provided such a platform for everyone.

The "G20-LED Summit" was initiated by the world-renowned industry research and media organization - Gaogong LED. The leading LED companies in the global LED industry segmented the LED industry high-end roundtable meeting in the form of membership invitation system. In the form of membership invitation system, the organizing committee selected the market leading enterprises in various segments of the global LED industry as the member companies of the summit according to the innovation, influence and responsibility of the enterprise.

As a non-governmental third-party organization, the "G20-LED Summit" aims to become a high-level platform for dialogue between the global LED industry and open a window to the world for the Chinese LED industry. The participating members will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by the development of the LED industry and give play to the leading role of leading enterprises to guide and promote the win-win development of enterprises in various fields of the industrial chain and promote the development of benign, orderly and healthy development of the industry. The first meeting of the "G20-LED Summit" will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on August 29th. More than 20 LED industry leaders from around the world will soon be on the scene to discuss the LED development plan. The participating members will jointly analyze the current development status of the global LED industry and discuss how to overcome the development dilemma and solve the development problems.

"G20-LED Summit" The first meeting will directly address the development difficulties faced by the above LED industry. The world's leading LED enterprise leaders, LED experts, government leaders and investors will gather together to bring a wonderful collision of advanced technologies and ideas. Brainstorming communication adds to the healthy development of the LED industry.

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