Step by step lotus, think of the subway LED lighting road

Recently, Shanghai Sansi Traffic LED Division double happiness. Through months of careful preparation and arduous negotiations, Shanghai Sansi successfully broke through many competitors and successfully won two major heavyweight projects in Hangzhou and Guiyang Metro LED lighting. Up to now, Shanghai Sansi's subway LED lighting covers more than 30 lines in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Chengdu, Xi'an, Zhengzhou and other first- and second-tier cities. With 50% market share in lighting, it has become the champion with the largest market share and the most complete products in the domestic LED lighting market.

Then, to become the champion of the subway LED lighting industry, what is Shanghai Sansi?

To become the champion of the subway LED lighting industry, based on the deep accumulation of Sansi in the field of LED lighting.

Shanghai Sansi began to expand LED lighting as early as 2007. The LED tunnel light developed by the company was first applied to Jingdezhen-Yingtan Expressway in Jiangxi Province. It was listed as a demonstration project of energy conservation and emission reduction of the Ministry of Communications. The project has been running for nearly 10 years and is still stable and reliable. Since then, Sansi's LED tunnel lights have been widely used in more than 500 tunnels in more than 20 provinces across the country, and none of them have become a model for LED lighting applications.

Jiangxi Jingying Expressway Huangzhushan Tunnel - stable operation in the past 10 years

With the rich experience accumulated in the field of highway LED tunnel lighting, Sansi entered the field of subway LED lighting. In 2010, Shanghai Sansi LED lighting products undertook the heavy responsibility of the entire line of Shenzhen Metro Line 2. In the 6 years since the opening of Shenzhen Metro Line 2, the Sansi LED lighting products used have no obvious light decay and are still running stably. This is also the first subway line in China and even the whole world to adopt LED lighting. It has won the highest honor in the industry--China LED Application Excellent Engineering Award, which has set a benchmark for the rapid consideration of the subway LED lighting market.

Shenzhen Metro Line 2 - stable operation for 6 years

The champion of the subway LED lighting industry is Shanghai Sansi's perseverance in reliability.

Stable and reliable has always been the most distinctive label of Shanghai Sansi products, and it is also the consistent evaluation of customers and peers for Sansi products. When Shanghai Sansiyi was established, it realized that reliability is the most important performance of engineering products. Without reliability, no matter how rich the functions and high technical indicators, it will be a castle in the air.

In order to ensure the reliability of the product from the source, the light source of Sansi Metro LED lighting products adopts the original imported chip, which has high luminous efficiency, long life, good stability and high reliability. The lamp body adopts high quality LED heat dissipation main material, anti-oxidation and resistance. Corrosion, heat dissipation performance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference. In terms of quality control, Shanghai Sansi strictly follows the national standards for production and factory testing, and selects the national electric light source quality supervision and inspection center and other authoritative and state-level testing institutions to do third-party testing and certification to ensure product safety and reliability.

It is worth mentioning that metro lighting is a market segment with complex application environment and testing technology. Most projects have to undergo repeated rectification before they can pass the owner's acceptance. With the manufacturing concept of excellence and the deep accumulation of LED lighting in the subway, Shanghai Sansi has considered all the subway LED lighting projects to pass the acceptance.

Nanjing Metro Line 10 - Reflective Light Distribution Technology

The champion of the subway LED lighting industry, Sansi relies on the process of continuous improvement and innovation for several years.

In Shanghai Sansi's view, LED lighting used in the subway field provides not only functional lighting, but also various disciplines such as light, machine, electricity, materials, microelectronics, control, software, bio-health, and art design. . In order to develop LED lamps that meet the needs of metro lighting, Shanghai R&S team of more than 400 people has invested a lot of research and development in optical design, heat dissipation, intelligent control, system integration, materials, microelectronics, etc., and has achieved a number of major Breakthrough results.

For example, Shanghai Sansi specially developed reflective light distribution technology to ensure the softness and comfort of the light source, effectively reduce the damage of glare to the human eye, and improve the visual comfort of passengers and drivers; electromagnetic signals will be generated to interfere with the subway signal for the driving power supply. Develop low-interference driving power supply; intelligent dimming system can provide suitable lighting in different application scenarios, and further energy saving and emission reduction; using aluminum profiles will help the heat dissipation of subway lighting and further improve product life.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 - both lighting functionality and decorative

In addition, with the development of subway LED lighting applications, the requirements of subway owners are also constantly improving, from basic comfort and reliability to scenes, design and decoration. In the Hangzhou Metro project, Shanghai Sansi used LED lighting to reproduce the beauty of the West Lake for passengers; in the Shenzhen Metro, Shanghai Sansi used the light belt to create a dynamic and combined lighting art for passengers. People-oriented, through technology to enhance people's lighting experience in the light environment, this is not only the pursuit of the LED lighting in the subway, but also the pursuit of all LED lighting products.


LED lamps have unparalleled advantages in energy saving, stability, durability and intelligent control, and the LED shock resistance is very suitable for the subway operation environment. However, in the existing subway network in China, only a few lines use LED lighting, and most of the rest use traditional lighting. The LED market potential of subway lighting can be quite large.

In the future, Shanghai Sansi will adhere to the corporate mission of “Lighting the Green World” and create a more comfortable light environment for the masses of the people.

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