Identification and improvement of general lighting LED and final product application standards

First, the composition of the product standard system

LED is an emerging lighting electrical product. LED products include themselves, supporting control devices and luminaire products using them as light sources. The standard terms related to these products mainly consist of the following aspects.

1. The terms of use of the product in relation to the safety of people's lives and property

As an electrical product, the safety requirements in use are the most important part recognized internationally. In this respect, China's product standards are almost equivalent to the IEC standard. Even in China's own safety standards, it basically refers to the IEC standard and / Or standards such as ANSI, and are issued and implemented as mandatory standards. For example, the GB19510/IEC61347 lamp control device series and the GB7000/IEC60598 lamp series standard and most of the terms of the light source safety standard fall into this category.

2. Performance requirements of LEDs, controls and fixtures themselves

The purchase of a product by a consumer is actually a function of purchasing the product, and the function of the product is achieved by the evaluation of the performance terms in this aspect. As the LED products for lighting and the corresponding accessory products, it is no exception. The latest (reported draft) "Performance Requirements for LED Modules for General Lighting", "Performance Requirements for Self-ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting" and "DC or LED Modules" In the performance requirements of AC electronic control devices, the light efficiency, color characteristics, light decay, life and energy efficiency indicators, as well as the luminosity and efficiency indicators of the lamps reflect this requirement.

3. LED, control device and luminaires work together

This part of the standard can be divided into products by product:

(1) Design requirements of the light source for the control device

The light control unit is for the light source. It should be said that the safety indicator of the lamp control device is the most important, but most of its assessment requirements are similar to other electrical appliances, so it is easier to understand. As the requirement of cooperation with the light source, the internal mechanism is relatively profound. The normal working state of the light source is mainly provided by the control device. The matching performance between the control device and the light source is directly related to the luminous efficiency and luminous stability of the light source. And service life, and affect the overall energy efficiency of the system.

(2) Light source design requirements for lamps

After the light source is installed in the luminaire, the working condition of the light source depends on the design structure of the luminaire. If the design structure of the luminaire is unreasonable, it will also seriously affect the normal operation and service life of the light source. For example, road lamps using LEDs require a good seal to ensure dust and water resistance, and a good heat dissipation function to ensure that the junction temperature of the LED can still be at a reasonable level under many adverse conditions. .

4. The evaluation clause of the power supply when working on the lighting appliance

As an electrical appliance, it must comply with the assessment requirements of the power supply, so as to ensure the normal operation of the power supply system and maintain high power supply efficiency. The assessment clauses in this respect are GB17625.1/IEC61000-3-2 line power factor, power supply current harmonics and voltage drop and flicker of GB17625.2/IEC61000-3-3.

5. Electromagnetic interference to the outside world and electromagnetic interference against the outside world

As electrical appliances, electromagnetic interference (EMI) to other electrical appliances, such as power terminal disturbances and radiated disturbances in GB17743/CISPR15, should be limited, while also being able to withstand all possible electromagnetic interference (EMS), such as IEC61547, FCC, etc. The terms of resistance to various electromagnetic interferences.

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