Ericsson cooperates with Orange to let 5G shine into reality and start piloting in Europe next year.

Based on Orange's network and Ericsson's 5G technology, both parties are developing test-specific 5G use cases.

Technical components, proof of concept and pilots across Europe will allow Orange to experience 5G business and functionality from 2017

Ericsson cooperates with Orange to let 5G shine into reality and start piloting in Europe next year.

Ericsson and Orange will collaborate on the development of 5G use cases and service scenarios, including technical coordination and external presentations. Beginning in 2017, the cooperation between the two parties will enable 5G technical components, proof of concept and 5G pilots across Europe, including 5G use cases including:

- Wireless Gigabit Internet access in suburban and rural areas

- Large-scale mission-critical Internet of Things to support the digital transformation of industries and societies

- Large mobile coverage solution

- Internet of Vehicles

In addition, the partnership also includes 4G to 5G solutions, including energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as the use of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies.

Alain MaloberTI, senior vice president of Orange Labs Networks, said: "We are fully prepared for 5G deployment in 20 years. Together with Ericsson, we will build a solid network for our customers, deliver a variety of services, from ubiquitous faster data transfer to Specialized services in cities and industries."

Arun Bansal, senior vice president and head of network products business at Ericsson, said: "The Internet of Things requires a higher level of network capabilities. 5G is not only for consumers who need a seamless experience through mobile phones and interconnected terminals, but also for all industries and The digitalization of the entire society. We will work together with Orange to achieve these goals by combining their respective strengths."

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