Ali's IoT core yunos chooses HP incoming notebook

Based on the past observations and the new trends of the Yunqi Conference, this paper attempts to deeply interpret the pattern and ambition of yunos as the power of scientific and technological innovation, and reveals the model of technological innovation variables driving industrial transformation.

Why is Europe?

From 1850 onwards, a Europe "in a remote corner of the world, the climate is still freezing and the fingers are stiff", "How did it leap and conquer the world?" And until now, European thought, Technology, economic and political heritage still play a leading role in the world.

In explaining the reasons, Hirley, the author of A Brief History of Humanity, believes that in addition to "the magical technology of witchcraft," it also requires Western values, stories, the judicial system, and social and political structures, that is, the recognition of its own material. Leave blank on the map of exploration and be willing to invest resources in the “New World” that seems to be useless and risky.

The original intention of telling this story is the beginning of a technology conference held in Hangzhou, China on October 13th. The Yunqi Conference, led by Internet giant Alibaba, with the theme of “Technology Innovation Power”, is aimed at Ali. The layout of cloud integration and the layout of technological innovation and enabling industries, of course, and the controversial chairman of Alibaba Technical Committee, Dr. Wang Jian, when using HP and Intel to jointly release HP yunos Book based on yunos for Work The distance between the town and Zhongguancun is farther than the distance to Silicon Valley.

After more than five years of accumulation, yunos is accelerating the strategic layout of key industries in 2016, in the tide of welcoming the Internet of all things, from the players of the rules of the game to the makers of the game. . This paper attempts to deeply interpret the pattern and ambition of yunos as a force for technological innovation based on past observations and new trends of the Yunqi Conference, and reveals the model of technological innovation variables driving industrial change.

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Let’s start with yunos cutting into new laptops.

Strategic layout: yunos cut into new notebook computers, card position Internet core terminal category

The release of HP yunos Book means that yunos will complete the key strategic card position in the core terminal chain layout of the Internet of Everything.

When Alibaba's technical committee chairman described the Internet of Things, there was a classic conclusion from the perspective of the terminal. The birth of the PC led to the development of the Internet. The birth of the mobile phone led to the arrival of the mobile Internet. The birth of the Internet car means real The arrival of the Internet era of everything. He reminds people from the perspective of the terminal not to ignore the importance of the new terminal category to the network.

So from the perspective of strategic needs, yunos will not and cannot miss every key terminal category. One of the new trends is that a new mobile terminal category is growing rapidly and is likely to grow into a key end product category in the Internet era, the new laptop!

The launch of Alibaba's joint HP and Intel's first new notebooks for the education industry means that the strategic layout of the two key mobile terminals of the mobile Internet has been completed: smart phones for the personal market and new notebooks for the business market. The common feature of people is mobility.

This strategic layout is forward-looking and fits the needs of the industry's innovation and development, because there are many indications that the new notebook computer is indeed growing into a new terminal for the Internet of Everything.

Well-known industry research institute IDC recently released the "China Tablet PC Quarterly Tracking Report, First Quarter 2016", showing that the shipment of new notebook computers was 413,000 units, up 59.7% year-on-year. It is expected that China's Detachable Tablet devices will be out in 2016. The volume will usher in a year-on-year increase of 130.8%. Globally, shipments in 2015 increased by 75% annually, and it is expected that global detachable tablet shipments will nearly double in 2016.

The Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet, the world's major PC and tablet manufacturers have also regarded the new notebook computer as a new opportunity. For example, Dell announced in early 2016 that it would abandon the tablet and switch to the new notebook computer. HP and Microsoft also accelerated the release of new models. The speed of laptops, smartphone giants Huawei and Xiaomi also joined the competition for new notebooks, and released their new products in 2016. The original irrelevant PC giant and the mobile phone giant met with a new type of notebook computer, a cross-border product. The collision between the two industrial sectors is likely to make this new category a future Everest product.

From the perspective of market demand, the emergence of new notebook computers is also natural, which stems from two major trends. First, people increasingly need a portable mobile product with personal entertainment and business productivity to meet diversified use. Scenario; Second, as IDC pointed out in a research report, more and more organizations are concentrating on BYOD's office trends and meeting the Internet of Things business office environment. Therefore, the product classification between mobile phones and notebooks is inevitable - a new type of notebook computer with the dual advantages of entertainment productivity should be born.

This time, Alibaba joined the two giants of HP and Intel to cut into this strategic field, which is not only the card strategy of Internet and the natural logic of its own development.

As a strategic card position and layout, Ali chose HP in Silicon Valley instead of Lenovo, which is close at hand. The logic behind it is quite intriguing.

Innovative Values ​​Strategy: Why HP and Intel Why HP?

This question is like answering why it is Europe. Alibaba can work with HP and Intel to cut into the new notebook field. It is the temperament that these three have common innovation values ​​and the courage to explore the future.

As Heral, the author of A Brief History of Humanity, said, even if a region or country does not lack innovative technology, if it does not have the values ​​and ideas that can apply this technology, it will miss the major technology, and the result of narrow vision is civilization. The collapse and disintegration. The same is true for a business organization, so at the Yunqi Conference, Dr. Wang Jian’s words in Lenovo sparked a lot of controversy, why Yunos can cooperate with HP in Silicon Valley to cut into the new notebook market, instead of Lenovo in the vicinity of Zhongguancun?

On the morning of October 14, Wang Jian asked himself, "Why is Intel, HP, and Intel standing together? Is the distance between Yunqi Town and Zhongguancun far away, or is the distance between Yunqi Town and Silicon Valley?" He said, "The distance between Yunqi Town and Silicon Valley is much shorter than the distance between Yunqi Town and Zhongguancun." He used the relationship between innovation and distance to bluntly criticize another large Chinese technology company, Lenovo, "lack of technology. The power of innovation."

Wang Jian is not the first person to evaluate Lenovo's lack of scientific and technological innovation. The story that has been circulating for a long time is the feeling of Huawei's Ren Zhengfei's early investigation of Zhongguancun. At that time, he evaluated Lenovo and Founder: Lenovo has management and no technology; Technology is not managed. We don't know what happened between Alibaba and Lenovo, but as a result, one of the reasons why Alibaba and HP and Intel can successfully cooperate is to have the same innovative values ​​and practice such values. Execution and ability structure. In the three-party small-scale interviews between Alibaba, HP and Intel, Hu Xiaodong, senior director of the OS Business Group Industry Development Division, further explained Alibaba's innovative cooperation values, namely: data-driven strategic identity, willing to bear the cost of innovation and be able to execute Innovative capacity structure. Hu Xiaodong said: "The first thing we think about is the mutual recognition of each other." In his view, the basis of this value recognition is "whether or not it recognizes the significance of data driving in this era." On the basis of strategic identification, “Partners have the determination to do something together” is the second standard, and the most important third criterion is “the ability to have a strong experience and open mind in the construction of ecological chains and the ability to establish standards, and has the ability to execute. ".

According to this standard, Alibaba has been close to it, and it is not surprising to cooperate with HP and Intel in Silicon Valley. Innovation is essentially independent of real physical distance, only related to the common values ​​of innovation. Richard Bailey, president of HP Asia Pacific, mentioned in his interview that HP's vision of splitting into HP (HPI) and HPE in November last year, its leadership vision is "hope to become a global The biggest start-ups "to maintain the courage of start-ups," embrace new technologies like start-ups, embrace new possibilities, and dare to break through." He used this sentence to respond to the author's role and value in the integration of Alibaba yunos and Intel chips at the bottom of technology to improve HP's industrial status and enhance or competitive advantage.

This may be in stark contrast to Dr. Wang Jian’s direct criticism of Lenovo, although today everyone believes that technology is the key to improving industrial status and competitive structure, but the ability to apply new technologies still affects a business. The key to the rise and fall of the organization The Brief History of Humanity explains why Europe is the center of modernity and modernity. It also applies to commercial companies. This is worthy of consideration by all Chinese technology companies.

Empowerment logic: operating system and chip fusion to inject technological innovation variables

In yunos's enabling innovation logic, it is highly integrated with the underlying hardware and chips, which greatly reduces the threshold of industrial innovation and has always been regarded as an important strategic option.

In the process of cooperation with HP and Intel, yunos released the industry-oriented yunos for Work industry version, which is a new product classification, and the technical route of classification continues to select the best chip giant in the underlying architecture. Complete the fusion. Through cooperation with Intel, yunos has completed the integration of the underlying hardware for the entire new notebook industry, and is able to use the technology of the best chip giants in the industry, which means that Ali and Intel work together in the operating system and chip. The construction of the industrial innovation platform was completed on the underlying infrastructure, which greatly improved the speed at which other manufacturers' products were introduced to the market; and the cooperation with HP, the international big brand giant, completed an elegant demonstration from the product quality. Being able to meet the requirements and testing of product quality by big brands is both a challenge and a self-evolution for yunos. The cooperation between yunos and HP can also be seen as an attempt to change the variables of large enterprises, and such attempts have been tried, such as Internet cars with Shanghai Auto and Haier's Internet cabinets. HP is just the latest in this ever-increasing list, and of course Sharp's Internet TV.

Frankly speaking, yunos for Work can also choose small and medium-sized brands to cooperate, but choose the industry giants HP and Intel. Although the cooperation between the giants is more difficult than the elephant dance, it has greater value in promoting industrial innovation, especially For yunos, only by working with the giants can the depth and speed of accelerating innovation be re-industry.

That is to say, with the release of yunos for Work, and the cooperation between Intel and Intel at the bottom of the chip and HP at the product level, yunos has completed the construction and demonstration of the industrial innovation base platform in the category of new notebook computers. It also completed the strategic layout of the key terminal categories of the Internet of Everything.

Industry Perspective: How to evaluate the cooperation between yunos and HP?

A closer look at Alibaba yunos and HP's cooperation in new notebooks, we can find that looming is that yunos uses Google's operating system as an object of imitation and competition.

From the product perspective, yunos' operating system product classification accelerated, especially the launch of the yunos for Work version, which makes yunos cover the five major market segments of mobile phones, wearables, automobiles, TVs and notebooks, and has formed a complete pair with Android. Standard.

But we also know that Google's OHA Alliance has established a number of semiconductor chip manufacturers, mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers, through the OHA agreement to authorize the emergence and development of competitors at the operating system level. As a Linux-based but independent of Andriod, yunos has always been the target of Google's defense, but the current result is that yunos-based smart terminal shipments have exceeded 100 million, and become the world's third largest operating system.

In the new notebook computer field, yunos and HP may have a bit of a continuation of confrontation with Google and seek a strategic breakthrough.

There are two facts worthy of attention: First, data from the international market research firm Futuresource ConsulTIng shows that in the first quarter of this year, Chromebooks using Google ChromeOS system accounted for 51% of the US institutional education market; second, HP is Google Chrome tablet. The top three partners in shipments. IDC data shows that in the first quarter of 2016, Dell, HP, Acer and other vendors sold 2 million Chromebooks.

The cooperation between HP yunos Book and HP's important partner HP, also started from the education industry. In a sense, it is equivalent to bringing competition to a new field, and the taste of competition is obvious. However, for the OHA Alliance, it may not be possible to cause some kind of looseness. If the success of yunosBook can attract members of the OAH Alliance, such as Acer, Dell, and Asus, both existing smartphones and notebook products, the domino effect occurs. It is not impossible.

The choices between the giants are always strikingly similar, and the logic behind them is a high degree of consistency in the perception of megatrends and a high-value strategic highland that cannot be lost.

Conclusion: China's science and technology innovation forces should not be less operating systems

China is becoming one of the engines of Quanqi's technological innovation. There is no doubt about this. In the field of technology and the Internet, basic innovations at the infrastructure level form a systematic system based on China's vast market, both in terms of chips and operating systems. Previously, yunos cooperated with small and medium-sized brands in the field of smart phones and mobile phones, and has successfully entered the sea in areas such as India. With the accelerated global deployment of Alibaba Cloud, and international IT giants such as yunos and HP and Intel, and traditional industries such as Haier and SAIC. The industrial innovation platform and demonstration role formed by the cooperation of giants, as an important platform for cloud integration, yunos may attract more international partners and open internationalization as more terminal categories enter the international market. New situation.

In a sense, this is also the need of China's Belt and Road strategy. In addition to high-speed rail, there should be an Internet and technology infrastructure platform such as an operating system.

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