No Wi-Fi can't live, but do you really know about Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is simply a vitamin for modern people.

Hey, someone said: It is home that can automatically connect to Wi-Fi.

But Wi-Fi is used every day, but there are not many people who really understand it.

Don't get me wrong, I know that you won't be interested in high and hard technical terms. For most people, what Wi-Fi really matters is nothing more than these: fast, stable, and secure.

The reason why I talked about this topic is to talk about my experience of going to a relative's house last month. When I first arrived at the Dabo family, I was considered an IT man. I was stunned by a problem:

We recently moved to a new home and added a lot of smart devices. It was a happy thing. However, the new box looks at the video card, and the game can't be loaded for a long time. Looking for telecommunications complaints, the telecom people said that there is no problem with the network. What is going on?

With the usual IT knowledge and omnipotent search engine, I have given a series of antidote to this Wi-Fi problem in the Dabo family. I want to share it here and hope to help you.

Problem 1: There are too many connected devices, and old routers are overwhelmed

I first checked the use of the smart device in Dabo: I found that there is a TV box in the living room, two tablets on the sofa, a smart phone for the whole family, three computers and a game console, and even The so-called connected smart refrigerator...

Turning around and asking the aunt's home what router to use, the answer is: "We don't know, but bought it when I lived in the last house. I bought it for three or four years."

Must be changed! The reason is that -

In the past, when smart phones and smart home appliances were not popular, home wireless routers only needed to provide network access for a small number of laptops. Nowadays, not only a smart phone, but also a variety of home appliances are also playing "smart" cards, and the burden on the router will be heavier. At this time, a relatively well-configured wireless router becomes necessary.

Not only that, but also regularly check whether anyone is smashing the net, or else the best routers will be overwhelmed by a large number of strangers.

"Is that a better router? Is it expensive?" Aunt has consistently demonstrated the habit of "diligent and family-friendly."

In fact, the routers currently deployed by civilians on the market can be won by more than one hundred yuan. If you need a router with more functions and professionalism, you can buy it at five or six hundred. Mobile phones are willing to spend five or six thousand to buy an international big name, with a router that is not good enough, it feels like the old cow Laran Bogini?

Question 2: What is the same for the router? wrong!

There are quite a few people who think that the router will do whatever it takes, and there will be no difference.

As a result, many homes place Wi-Fi routers at the edge of the house, including in the distribution box, near the wall of the cabling head, causing poor signal proximity to the router, especially Wi- The Fi signal needs to be worn through the wall.

But the actual situation is:

Generally, the radio transmitting device of such a cylindrical antenna has a circular signal. Let's imagine that there is a big square and a circle with a center in the plane. If the center of the circle is placed on the side, then the farthest from the center of the circle will not be covered by the circle; if the center of the circle is placed in the middle of the square, then The center of the circle can cover most of the home.

After learning that the television in the home of the uncle was placed in the central location of the home, I transferred the router to this location, and the Wi-Fi signal just covered the entire house.

What if the home is too big? At this time, a router may be difficult to completely cover. You can add a new router as a relay and configure a wireless network with the same name and password to solve the problem.


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