Millet smart socket in the smart home era of the three major features

Many of the scenarios described above need to rely on access to the cloud and stay online for 24 hours. You will be skeptical: if this is the case, whether the electricity bill will be consumed. As an intelligent life, not only intelligent but also economical in energy control. Therefore, it is necessary to move the Internet of Things to automatically cut off the power of the standby device according to the situation, so as not to disturb the normal life, but also to save energy.

Many people will occasionally forget to turn off the lights, turn off the air conditioning, etc.. With the aid of energy management technology, smart home devices such as smart air conditioners and smart LED lights at home will be able to coordinate work. When we leave home, smart devices at home will automatically power off.

On October 10th, 2014, Xiaomi released the millet smart socket . The biggest highlight of Xiaomi's smart socket is that it can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone APP. The appliance switch can be used to allow air humidifiers and electric kettles to work in advance on the way home. Will feel warmer. Of course, if you go out and discover that your home's electrical appliances aren't off, you can turn off the power through the remote control socket.

Millet smart socket in the smart home era of the three major features

In addition, millet smart socket has the following major functions.

Millet smart socket function one

The complete set of home appliances are regularly shut down, saves electricity and saves money, and can better match the small home appliances that need to be turned on at regular intervals, allowing the user's egg cookers, coffee makers, and bread makers to prepare breakfast every morning, and then do not worry about being injured due to fear of being late for work. Your own stomach.

Millet smart socket function two

With the millet router, when you go home to connect your phone to WiFi, the millet smart socket can be turned on automatically and automatically shuts you off when you leave home. It is not necessary to remember whether the electrical appliances in your home are powered off.

Millet smart socket function three

In conjunction with the motion recognition detection function of the small ant smart camera, when the monitor screen has a large change, the millet smart socket can achieve linkage switch.

Smart devices have brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, and the development of science and technology has made life more interesting.

With the advent of smart sockets, people no longer have to worry about the dangers of forgetting to turn off the power of their home devices. You can freely control the power switch and eliminate the accidents as much as possible.

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