Precise positioning how to choose the TV that suits you best

Home Appliances China Information Network News: Although the current smart TV features rich and entertaining, but the needs of different groups of people are different, then when buying TV, the points of attention for TV product functions and prices will be different. So how do you choose the TV product that suits you best? I believe that everyone will encounter such a problem in reality.

Hidden design
One second stretch, free storage

Strong and durable
Aluminum alloy plug, TPE cover

Ultrasonic welding pressure
Close fitting, firm resistance to fall

Strong and durable
Priority TPE
It's hard to break even if you stretch multiple times

Stretching or shrinking only one end can easily to damage the components and cause jamming

No winding
Stretch when used, shrink when not used

Five lengths
Each pause is a length, suitable for multiple occasions

Both cables are stretched at the same time
Do not stretch unilaterally

Data Cable

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