Sitting sofa selection food, public comment TV application evaluation

As we all know, the popular comment network uses the Internet, combined with the geographical location and the individualized consumer demand of users, and provides an interactive platform for users to provide business information, consumption preferences, and consumer evaluations for restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle services, anywhere and anytime. Very convenient, now the public comment network also launched the TV version, which means that you can use the public comment on the TV screen! Then the question has come. Compared to the computer and mobile phone versions, what are the characteristics of the TV version? easy to use? With these questions Xiaobian make a test!

The smart TV equipment used by the test platform landlord Tianmin Technology's mid-to-high-end box - the upgraded version of the Mortimer D6 quad-core, has a quad-core A9 architecture Jing Chen S812 powerful processor, security Bunny run up to 30,000 +, for the 4K decompression output capability is very The strong, but also supports H265 video output, can be described as an absolute look artifact; in the hardware configuration is used 1G memory + 8G high-speed flash memory configuration, mainstream configuration, and coupled with the depth optimization of the YunOS system, It is fitting to test the public comment TV version on this excellent platform.

Testing process

The layout of the home page of the popular comment TV version is very similar to the mobile version, but after the large-screen adaptation, it adopts a six-grid design and sets up categories such as food, delicious meals, hotels, and shopping, and it will automatically be based on the location of broadband. Set the address tag, the accuracy is very high.

In addition to the home page, you can click on more categories to achieve more category choices. Basically, it covers all aspects of local life, and even some of the more biased things will cover, truly local life. A little pass!

Clicking on the food and clicking on the food will automatically display various nearby foods according to the positioning. For example, the landlord prefers to eat grilled fish. Clicking on the fish to find the whole display is a split screen.

In addition to the default selections that can be based on smart sort (covering distance, popularity, and other dimensions) this is consistent with the mobile APP version, not much to say. There is also a merchant setting at the top, which is a function not available in the mobile phone version APP. It is a function of the flat panel HD version. At this point, it can be said that the TV version has both the mobile phone APP version and the flat panel HD version.

Click on the details of the merchant can see a lot of information: including shop menu details, real shot photo album, price list and a series of pictures, this point in the mobile phone APP version, but need to emphasize that this information The experience on the mobile phone is not particularly good (the screen of the mobile phone is small), but it looks very cool on the big screen of the TV, and the HD pictures are all at a glance.

It is worth mentioning that although it is a TV version, but the software has a map viewing function, you can clearly see the specific location, and the effect displayed on the big screen is great, the user experience leverage!

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, there are netizens' recommendations, comment details (this major feature was ignored), and surrounding environmental information. The review details have always been the biggest feature of the public comment network. It can also be said to be the essence of the content, and the content is illustrated. According to the TV screen, a series of corresponding optimizations have been made, and the reading comfort is much stronger than the mobile APP version.

Micro reviews Overall, the public comment TV version is the "fit" of the mobile phone APP version and the flat panel HD. It adds a more complete mobile phone version based on the defects of the flat panel HD, and it also corresponds to the TV screen. Optimization, it can be said, if you want to "eat food" may wish to download this application, I believe there will be a different experience ~

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