Dell Releases LatitudeE Series Notebook with LED Backlight and Lightweight Design

Topic: Applying the new E-Latitude family new NB, which has just been released by Dell, the first to appear on the market is the 15? milk atitude E6500 and 14? 嫉呐 6400, which will be available at the end of August 2008. The Latitude E4200 series, which went on sale in September, is 12.1?, and weighs only 997.9 grams. For the LED industry, the most important LED backlight feature is that it is used on Dell's main models Dell Latitude E6400 and E6500, which are priced at US$1,139 and US$1,169 respectively, which symbolizes Dell as an international company. After introducing the LED backlight model, it will be an inspiring agent for the LED backlight market.

Compared with the Latitude in the past, the new E-series has a new ferrous metal appearance and is lighter and lighter than the existing models. It is also the first choice for the Latitude family NB for blue, red and pink. A new range of shades.

This series of systems uses Intel's Centrino 2 platform, LCD screen with LED backlight, and includes a keyboard with LED backlight, SSD solid state hard drive up to 64GB, 7200rpm hard drive with accelerometer and other options. Networking, including mobile phone broadband (3G or 3.5G), 802.11n Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other specifications are also available. The E Series offers 6 Cell and 9 Cell battery packs. Dell emphasizes that all-day computing is achievable. A 12-cell high-capacity battery can be purchased to provide up to 19 hours of battery life.

The Latitude product line E-Series includes the following models:

Ultra-portable Ultra-Portable - 12.1? ell ell Latitude E4200 997.8 grams), and 13.3? milk atitude E4300 (1.49 kg).
The mainstream models Mainstream - the Dell Latitude E6400 and E6500, are priced at $1,139 and $1,169, respectively.
The standard Essential - 14.1? The atitude E5400 is priced at $839, and the 15.4?5500 is priced at $869.
Industrial computer grade Semi-Rugged - 14.1? Following the atitude E6400 ATG, priced at $2,399.

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