The world's first embedded pure RGB laser source conference

Recently, "Billy Lynn's midfield story", An Shu has made fans crazy, not for anything else, it is [4K+3D+120 fps] , only three in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei) ), the fare of more than one thousand yuan per game is enough to subvert the history of the film.


What kind of ghost are you saying in the row of red?

It is said that

That is a laser show

Can explain things that are clear

An uncle wants a film history revolution

Then I (rui) (feng) will accompany you.

Uncle in order to present

Ruifeng in order to achieve


development trend

Mercury lamp/xenon lamp

The first projector

Laser phosphor / xenon lamp

Current projector

RGB laser

Future trends (change)

Ruifeng laser source

Adopting international leading RGB display technology to solve industrial problems such as rainbow effect, speckle and consumables


RGB tri-color laser:

The light source is more stable

Better color

Better structural design

Up to 50,000 hours of life

Choose Ruifeng Laser:

Better cost

Easier to operate

No worries after sale

Extreme picture

Ruifeng Optoelectronics was established in 2000

Is a family

The world's leading light source company

Now Ruifeng's laser source

No longer an Anjun’s movie ticket of more than 1,000 yuan


a movie for all fans around the world to enjoy

We are not innovation

What we want is historical change

We are not trying

What we want is global popularity


Let us witness together

Laser source conference


The world's first embedded pure RGB laser source conference

Time: 2016.11.21 (13:30-15:00)

Venue: Shenzhen Coast City Studios VIP Hall

Editor: Yingzi

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